Convert Offline OST File to PST – Know How to Export Offline OST

Know How to Convert Offline OST file to PST Format With Top Solutions

OST stands for Offline Storage Table and it proves to be a reliable medium to avail Exchange Server mailbox on the local machine. This file format is of great help when there is no strong internet connection. Even though OST files are not easily affected by the outside environment, there are several other advantages of PST files which lead users to convert offline OST file to PST format.

Convert Offline OST File to PST – Know How to Export Offline OST

Irrespective of the versions of the Outlook email client, whether it is Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007, if OST file is unavailable, users cannot access the data. The best way to resolve the issues of OST file is to export it into PST file type using some manual solutions and automated tool such as SysTools OST 2 PST Converter.

Methods to Export Offline OST to PST in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010

There are different approaches to export mailbox data. Some of the methodologies are explained in the following section.

Technique 1: Using Archive Option

The Archive feature exhibited by Outlook enables users to convert Offline storage OST to PST file. All the mailbox components of OST file are moved to PST file format. By using this method, contacts cannot be archived. But, all other mailbox elements can be imported as PST file. Users have to follow these steps to export Outlook OST file to PST:

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook and open the OST file from where data is to be exported
  2. Switch to the File tab, hit on Info and select the option of Cleanup Tools
  3. Choose Archive from the list of options
  4. An archive dialog box will open up on the screen. Make sure that the option of Archive this folder and all the subfolders is selected
  5. Select the folder by category that is to be moved to PST, like Inbox, Sent Items, etc.
  6. In the box of Archive Items older than, select a particular date. This way all the items before the specified date will be migrated to PST type
  7. In the Archive File option, enter the destination path to save the resultant PST file
  8. Finally, click on OK
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Technique 2: Drag and Drop the OST Mailbox Items

To convert Offline OST file to PST format, the best method is to drag and drop the mailbox items of OST file to PST. To do this, you have to create a blank PST file in Microsoft Outlook. Then, click and drag the OST items to this newly made Outlook PST file.

But, there are some limitations of this approach. The problem is this process has to be repeated for each and every element present in the OST file. If any mistake is made at a point, the whole procedure is to be started again. Also, this method will consume a lot of time in case of a large number of data elements in the OST file.

Secondly, the default folders like calendars, contacts, etc., cannot be moved. It is because users have to create a new PST file to manage the Outlook data in an organized way.

Technique 3: Using Import and Export Wizard

The Import and Export option provided by Outlook is an efficient way to move offline storage OST to PST in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and other below versions. The OST data is migrated to Excel and CSV format. Then, in the next step, this CSV file is imported to the PST file. Since the procedure is manual, it is not guaranteed that this process will yield accurate and reliable results.

No doubt, the manual processes explained above are efficient solutions to export OST data to PST format. But, the workaround procedure is a bit lengthy and time-consuming. Also, if any step is performed in an incorrect way, there are chances that data will be lost. To overcome all these drawbacks, another method is also explained.

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Technique 4: Using a Third-Party Converter Tool

The automated tool like SysTools OST to PST converter is a professional method to transfer offline storage OST file to PST file type. The software converts OST data to PST file format within a few moments. Other than PST, it also provides an option to export multiple OST files to EML, MSG, and Office 365. Deleted data restoration is also supported by the application.

Users have to follow these set of instructions to carry out conversion task:

  1. Run OST to PST converter on the local machine
  2. The added OST file will be previewed on the screen
  3. Export the OST file to PST format and apply advanced settings
  4. Finally, click on Export to export offline OST to PST

The Bottom Line

OST file is formed when Outlook on the local machine is configured to the Exchange Server. So, OST file is the replica of data stored on the Exchange Server. If the data in OST file is inaccessible, the best way is to convert offline OST file to PST in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016. For this, various methods have been explained in the post. Users can select any approach as per the requirements.

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