Coping with anxiety

In life we often face such situations that cause anxiety. If we look around almost everyone has faced the jitters of anxiety now or then. Situations can take a turn at any point of time in life and one has to attain a mental strength to deal with them. If you are facing a problem in dealing with anxiety in your personal life, we suggest that you should opt for the Meditation for anxiety.

Coping with anxiety

How to use meditation to alleviate anxiety?

  • As a first step you need to understand the nature of anxiety that prevails. For example- some people develop this habit of getting anxiety over everyday rush situations while others show anxiety only when something gruesome if expected in future. Try to understand the pattern and nature of your anxiety by making conscious efforts.
  • Look for some guided meditation videos and practices that will help you in attaining desired peace of mind. The guided meditation videos to deal with anxiety are available at the website of mind valley academy. They have various courses to help you through the journey of attaining peace and focus in mind through the practice of meditation.

Procedure of inculcating meditation

  • Be punctual with meditation:

The first step in turning towards meditation as a resort to deal with anxiety is- to be punctual. Some people find it easy to give excuse and skip the practice. Let us be very straight forward in it- if you are serious about the treatment of your condition, you need to be regular with meditation practice. It is not a miracle that can turn up the favours in a day. One needs to work in the direction of attaining calmness and tranquillity in mind through small steps each and every day.

  • Do not take the big leap in the beginning:
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While you just begin the journey of meditation for anxiety, do not expect big results. Some people try to devote long periods of time to their daily meditation practice in the beginning and lay expectations relative to the amount of “time they spend”. However, it is not about the long duration. In the beginning, you will not be able to attain focus for very long. Some people find it difficult to concentrate for even 5 minutes at a stretch. Therefore, start with short duration. Keep 5 to 15 minutes in the beginning. Gradually increase your time when you learn how to control your thoughts.

  • Monitor your thoughts:

Before we experience “control” we need to “monitor” our thoughts. In fact monitoring may be considered as the first step towards controlling itself. Monitoring refers to consciously being watchful of what kind of thoughts are running through your mind at the time of meditation. Try to sort the negative thoughts out of your way. Gradually you will be able to do so without practically trying it. The mind adapts the behaviour of thinking and starts reacting in the direction we train it. Removing the negative thoughts will create peaceful spaces which can be filled with positive thoughts of calmness and awareness.

Meditation for anxiety is very useful for people who have always suffered consequences of their own behaviour when they are under stress. You can experience the change with some conscious efforts.

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