Create And Publish Your Own Children’s E-Book with These Software Programs

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The idea of writing and compiling a children’s book is entirely different from a book meant for children. Young readers would never prefer a book that is rich with textual content only and that is what makes children difficult when it comes to reading. They would always prefer picture books but that increases the hurdles of both writing and drawing relevant art.

However, this dilemma has been solved after the emergence of e-book software programs. These programs exist to design, write and compile relevant content and drawings for children’s books without having to hire a children’s book illustrator. Here are the e-book tools and programs that you can use to create and publish your book.

Book Creator

An e-book publishing software that is made to let you creatively design, create, publish and read e-books of your choice. It can be used as a great tool for making children learn new things, subjects and academic topics in a highly productive manner. Today’s era is all about creativity and you can spark imaginative abilities of young readers using interactive topics, illustrations and interesting audio files that keep the children intrigued. Having support on a desktop environment for Google Chrome as well as the Apple App Store, Book Creator lets you sustain authenticity, reliability and a fun-filled learning curve for children.

iBooks Author

A tool developed by Apple itself, iBooks Author is definitely worth a mention for creating amazing e-books for any of your IOS device. You can download it from the Mac App Store for free and use it to add interactive elements such as videos, images and 3D elements to an electronic textbook. With a simplistic user interface, design your e-book using in-built templates and filling them with the details of your choice. The templates include textbooks and photobooks that can be used for creating content for children. You do not have to design anything from scratch as this app supports a drag and drop mechanism that consumes less of your time.

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An online writing and publishing tool, Atavist can be used for creating both children’s and adult’s books. The best part is that it lets you join an online community where you can publish and share your work to online platforms. From magazines to photobooks, Atavist is equipped with comprehensive features that can be used for any form of content creation. Children are bound to lose interest if a story is not rich with media and that is what Atavist helps you out with. You can publish your e-book on not only the software itself but it also lets you associate with e-book publishers such as Amazon and Noble and that is something not every e-book creator has.

Flip Builder

Having the same drag and drop functionality as iBooks Auther, Flip Builder is a professional e-book editor that lets you convert PDF files into e-books filled with audio files, images or any form of digital media of your choice. Most of its essential features include a page flipping option for e-books, option for adding media and pre-defined design templates you enhancing the aesthetics of your book. Flip Builder is more suitable for picture books for children as it supports default media templates and an extensive picture library that you can fully customize.

KDP Kids

KDP Kids is a desktop software program that is supported on both the Windows and Mac OS and is developed for creating and selling Kindle books. This program is integrated with Amazon’s marketing platform that you can use for promoting your e-book. The book creator itself lets you add illustrations, textual content and the option to preview your work once you are done. It also consists of age and grade tools that make it easier for parents to choose content for their children according to their age groups and preferences.

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An online printing and publishing software, Lucid Press is a user-friendly design platform that lets you format, edit and publish e-books without the hassle. What makes its user-friendly is its drag-and-drop features that let you draw and create easily. The way Lucidpress works is that you have to select a template of your choice from the library (or you could make one from scratch) and then customize it to befit your e-book preferences. Once you have customized it, either you are then asked to share it on a website or social media site or you can download it as a printable file format.

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