Diamonds vs Rubies: Custom Engagement Ring Options

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There is a lot that goes into finding the right engagement rings. Since all relationships and marriages have a unique story to them, it’s just natural for one to create that effect in many aspects of the marriage. 

This includes the customization of the engagement ring. You can add an extra flair to your relationship when you have a story attached to every small detail.

When it comes to customization, this includes what type of stone will you use for your engagement ring. Choices and options can vary widely but in this article, we will focus on two of the most famous stones set on rings. Diamonds vs rubies, what is the best stone for affordable engagement rings?

Diamond rings are among the most famous choices when it comes to rings. This is because it is a time-tested and proven accessory that will add value (both figuratively and literally) to your ring. 

It is a hard stone that will not wear out even if you use it every day and will only gain more value over time.

It symbolized timelessness and strength, crucial factors to any relationship. And while it is famous and widely coveted, it is not one that just about anyone can purchase. Its rarity will have a great effect when you’re looking for a custom engagement ring in Vancouver BC.

Rubies are also traditional gemstones set on rings. But a ruby has almost the same effect as with a diamond when it comes to customization. 

Their rarity and beauty add to their prized value and effect for the wearer. They represent wealth, romance, and success.

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Since they are not cheap, these gemstones will create a more custom feel to any ring that it is set on. Their reddish tone will make anyone do a double-take whenever they get a glimpse of the ring on anyone’s finger.

So which one is the better stone when you want a fully custom engagement ring? Either will do the trick. 

Diamonds and rubies are prized for their value, beauty, and symbol. To make a truly custom engagement ring or wedding band, make sure that it can tell the most important story to your relationship: your love for each other.

This is what will make your customization unique as well as give value on your rings. So much value that there will never be a price that can be set to pay for.

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