Did you know Navi Mumbai has fastest 4G speeds in India

Navi Mumbai has fastest 4G speed

In Indian cities network coverage is a common issue. In some cities, the network coverage is quite great and in some cities, the network coverage is getting worse to worse. However, according to a recent report by the wireless coverage mapping company OpenSignal, it is said that Navi Mumbai is the top city in India based on the 4G LTE download speeds. After this reports there are a lot of telecom companies already has started focusing on making the network speed coverage more strong.

Anyway if we talk about the report, it was said that Open Signal tracked the average 4G mobile phone download speed in India’s 20 largest cities. They did their tracking from December 2017 to February 2018. And as a result, Navi Mumbai has the gained average 4G Speed record of 8.72Mbps.

The second placeholder on the Open Signal report is Chennai. The city has gained a double 4G speed compared to the last year’s report. In last year’s report, Chennai has a 4G speed record of 4.4Mbps. However, after the recent survey, the city now has a 4G speed of 8.52Mbps.

Talking about the last city on the list of OpenSignal’s report. Well, it is the Allahabad, this city has a 4G download speed of less than 4Mbps. According to the report, the average 4G download speed in Allahabad is 3.5Mbps. Even it is the only city that has an average download speed of less than 4Mbps.

Talking about the top ten cities. Well six of the top 10 cities belongs to the southern or western regions of India. However, at the third position, we have Kolkata. According to the report, Kolkata has an average 4G download speeds of 8.46Mbps. Where Bengaluru grabbed the 4th place on the list.  According to Open Signal Bengaluru has an average 4G download speed of 7.17Mbps.

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Also, it does not mean that the Allahabad has the slowest 4G speed in the country. Instead, it means that the city is the slowest among the 20 cities of India. Even apart from Allahabad, there are quite a lot of cities in India exists which has the lowest 4G download speed.

However it is still unclear about the 4G download speed in other cities of India. As the company only did analyses the top 20 cities in India. So we cannot say much about the other cities average 4G download speed.

In addition to that, the report of Open Signal also said that “The LTE availability in India is remarkable: users were able to connect to an LTE signal over 86% of the time, a rise of some 10 percentage points from a year earlier.”

Furthermore the report has also added that the 4G market in India is growing at a rapid pace. Also, India now has the largest LTE footprints globally.

Also, the competition that we are getting to see since the launch of Reliance Jio have improved the rankings of internet speed quite a lot. Also, it has brought less than three mobile mergers on the table. Hence, as a result, we might get to see improved rankings by next couple of months or a year.

In the end, we believe that Indian telecom industries are going to take this report as a top priority and make the service better by the upcoming days. Even they need to do so, as the competition in telecom market right now is pretty high. Hence each and every company trying their best to boost up their service. Overall whatever will happen will happen on the profit of customers. So let’s just wait and see what the future holds.

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