Difference Between Education and Intelligence

Difference Between Education and Intelligence

Intelligence is an innate attribute of human personality with which one is born, whereas education is a process of helping people to learn new skills and acquire knowledge. Why this discussion of differentiating education with intelligence. I think this deliberation is necessary in order to have clear concepts that what are the purpose of both and what one can expect from them.

Difference Between Education and Intelligence

At the outset, one must be careful not to use these two concepts interchangeably as one is a natural trait while other is a process executable by an external element.
We come across many people who are not so fortunate to get formal education, but in practical life situations they come out with such remarkable solutions that surprise us. Why it is so. They are not educated yet very intelligent.

For example in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh where I have been for quite a while, I have come across many automobile mechanics electricians and plumbers etc who despite having no formal education, are so intelligent that whenever they do not have enough resources and task seems to be tough, they adopt ingenious ways to get the tasks done due to sheer intelligence. This I have explained to let readers know that intelligence and education are separate things.


Education is a process which enables a learner to know skills in order to cope with demands in an outer world regarding career. It is also acquisition of knowledge. In any case an external factor is always required to disseminate education. It can be a professor, lecturer, mentor, book or an educational website.

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It is an attribute of human personality and is inborn. To understand a situation well and responding or behaving in the most appropriate manner is intelligence.
Observe a child who behaves intelligently in various situations though they have not yet attended any formal education. There are also many illiterate people, who have not attended any school but are very successful business entrepreneurs owing to high intelligence, they were blessed with.

When one is intelligent he may come out with out of box solutions due to this intelligence. Education also helps people in making decisions and solving problems. People who are educated and have intelligence are in a much better position to solve problems because they have been trained to do things systematically.

Why Education and Intelligence is Confused?

It is social norm that people having higher education is considered to be intelligent as well. For example in third world countries where education is neglected badly by planners, those who are deprived of education consider all educated people very intelligent.

Leave education aside. In many societies there are strong social perceptions that people who speak a foreign language are considered as intelligent. In India for example this sentence is commonly heard in villages .Look how intelligent is that guy I heard him talking in English so fluently.

How Do Education and Intelligence Assist Each Other?

Though both education and intelligence are different, they facilitate each other to a great extent. A good education will broaden the vision and resultantly the person with good education will be exposed to more perspectives of things .Here if that person is intelligent, he will come out with more excellent solutions owing to his education.


Does Our Education System Test Intelligence Properly?

Our present educational system is said to test the memory of a person as it is mainly based on reproducing information taught or learned. Since creativity is a major outcome of intelligence and our educational system do not measure creativity and critical thinking, it can be said that, the system is failing miserably in evaluating intelligence of candidates.

The only number in which present educators have interest is IQ. This quotient however is a number which do not take into account emotional intelligence. Knowing others emotions well and controlling our own emotions is a great part of being intelligent which current assessment system does not cater to.

Experts are now saying that intelligence quotient is not the only indicator of success. Emotional intelligence relate very well to business world especially in sales. Various studies have proved that salespersons who scored higher on EQ (on counts like empathy, initiative and confidence) recorded much greater sales compared to their counterparts who scored better on these counts.

Both emotional and intelligence quotients are not sufficient for many experts. According to Howard Gardner there are eight multiple intelligences which every human being inherently has. These are Linguistic, visual, logical, musical, interpersonal, bodily and naturalistic.

Since the concept of multiple intelligence challenges the IQ, it has provided food for thought to educational planners and experts who are now advocating that one-size-fits- for -all approach in educating children must be done away with and more customized solutions should be introduced based on specific intelligence levels of each child.

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