Digital Parenting Tips to Protect Children Privacy on Social Media Apps

A couple of decades ago we only have listened to the terminology parenting in which parents have to look after their kids and teens in real life. They have to keep an eye on their activities such as what sort of friends their kids have, what is good for their health and what manners they should adopt while making a conversation with the people. Now in the modern world, there is new terminology has been invented over the few years that is known as digital parenting. The online world has come into existence since the internet phenomenon has been introduced. People have computers and cell phone devices where they use instant messaging apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Tinder, Viber, Zalo, Snapchat, Whatsapp and plenty of other social networking apps that are widely popular in young kids and teens.

Why is digital parenting necessary?

The rise in a rise of social messaging apps and on the other hand the modern cell phone technology has made its way to spread the dozens of online social issues among the young generation no time ever before. The young teens addicted to technology and spend their time on their smartphones and use social messaging apps and do the activities such as text messages, visit inappropriate websites on phones and PCs. They shared media files, adopt trendy online media challenges such as burn and scars and even make conversations with the people whom they don’t know in their lives. There are following social issues and evils that have been made the social media apps as their epicenter.

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Cyber bullying

They are the people that are always in adventures mode and they usually known as mentally frustrated people. They chase young and innocent kids and teens who have recently signed in to the social media. They send sexually explicit material and sexual and abusive language and harassed teens online. Online bullies only make the victims to those who are mentally weak and in some cases, victims become depressed, anxiety and start living lonely.


These people are online playboys and girls who always in the search of young and good-looking teens. They initially behave gently in order to win the heart of their victims and become their friends. They may chase more than one teenager at the same time and then ask them for meeting in the real life. Finally, when they meet with the teens in real life they may have some sexual motives.

Sexual predators

Sexual predators are the most dangerous ones; they got teens into the trap by showing their fake identity and photos and make teens friends. They force teens to hang out in real lives and if anyone convinces for the meeting than rape young kids and teens along with their number of peers.

Blind dating through dating apps

There are plenty of social dating apps are available on the web where young kids and teens find their match in opposite genders for sexual hookups. They only have one motive to make the temporary sexual relationship with teens and then move to the next target. They use Tinder, Snapchat, Whatsapp and plenty of other dating apps these days.

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Digital Parenting Tips to protect children social media privacy

Be a role model

Parents should be role model for their kids and teens. They will definitely follow their parents initially. So, parents should use the social messaging apps having complete online privacy and also guide their kids and teens to follow their footsteps. When parents don’t share their private photos and videos, their complete name and living place. The young teens surely not do such activities that reveal their identity.

Parents should be a tech-savvy

The modern world is a full of tech-creatures, so parents should be a tech savvy. They should know that what kind of social messaging apps are trendy currently and how to use the social media apps to the fullest. They should know about the vulnerabilities of the modern social media apps. They should also know that how to operate the modern Android and IOS devices in order parents should hear kids activities in surrounds.

Add your children to your social media accounts

Parents should add their kids and teens as their online friends on all of their multiple digital media accounts. This will let parents know, what sort of content kids and teens are sharing on instant messaging apps. Both kids and teens have shown their complete names on social media accounts or they have nicknames on the social media. Guide your kids that neither they should reveal their identity, contacts and nor they left the location in un-custom mode.

Place computer at where you can keep an eye on

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Place the computer machines at the place where you can keep an eye on their online activities. This will let you know what teens and kids really do and how their social media profile looks like. Placing computers in the lounge will alarm kids and teens to not share their information with the unknown people and don’t add such friends who they don’t know in their real lives.

Use monitoring software

Parents should use the cell phone and PCs monitoring software. Having such type of tools parents will be able to get access to the all of the activities kids and teens do on their cell phones, computers and on their social media accounts. They can use keyloggers of the mobile spy app that will let parents know all the keystrokes applied to the target phone. This will let parents get their hands on password keystrokes, SMS keystrokes, messenger keystrokes and email keystrokes. This will let parents sign the kids and teens online media accounts and they will get to know what sort of social media privacies teens have made on social messaging apps. They can also use IM’s social media to know messages, conversations and VOIP calls if they have shared their information with the unknown online friend.

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