Discover The Incredible Power Of Office Color

Discover The Incredible Power Of Office Color

The colors have a subtle and great power over us. The best thing about this is that we are often not aware, but there are studies that show that color can influence and affect our mood by awakening in us certain feelings or sensations. The perception of the same space can vary greatly depending on the tone that dominates the room. If it is completely yellow it will give us a greater sensation of amplitude and luminosity than if we see it in a dark navy blue, in which we will achieve the completely opposite effect. If we know well the power of each color, we can not only use it in a merely decorative way, but we can go a little further.Knowledge will give us the key to use it in our favor and achieve very interesting and diverse effects depending on the objective we want to achieve. If we analyze them one by one, we will know many of their characteristics and properties. Office colors can also be linked to what we sell in our company. But in addition to the color itself, its intensity will also influence the information we want to convey, in the same way as the mix of colors we make. We will obtain some or other results depending on the whole as a whole.

Discover The Incredible Power Of Office Color

The power of office colors

Red, the color of attention and impulsivity

The range of warm tones, among which red stands out, tends to be stimulating. Specifically, red calls for action, it is the color of passion, attention and danger and it is a very intense tone emotionally, so it must be used with knowledge.

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Spaces decorated with some red go well for activities that require immediacy such as making impulsive, punctual and quick decisions that do not need much reflection. Also if we want to highlight something concrete in a room, the red will be like a big arrow that will indicate to our eyes to look at that place.

Red is one of the most powerful and dominant office colors that transmit a lot of personality, that is why we must use it properly and in small doses as an energy injection, in this way we avoid falling into an office full of stressful spaces and too aggressive.

This color has the power to accelerate the heart rate; therefore, the ideal is to use it in spaces that are used at specific moments to achieve the effect it produces, only when we are interested and not permanently during work hours.

Orange, the color of communication and vitality

The orange mixes the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, resulting in an equally intense color that is associated with joy, success and motivation making it one of the best candidates to decorate offices and paint our office furniture.

Orange office color is ideal for environments in which we seek to promote more informal and relaxed communication or physical activity thanks to its energetic and revitalizing power.

It is a warm tone that can help raise the thermal sensation of a space and is linked to good value for money.

Yellow, the color of happiness and optimism

The yellow awakens very diverse emotions, even on occasions, contrary. It is the color of the sun and is closely linked with happiness. It has the power to boost mental activity but it is also a color that denotes caution and that in excess can also be disturbing. This color of the range of the warm ones goes very well for spaces in which one looks for to harness the light and to generate a pleasant and optimistic climate.

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Depending on its intensity we can play with it in relation to the effect we want to achieve. Although it is a color that offers many positive characteristics, the truth is that it is one of the colors that most people like least.

Brown, the color of reflection and slow communication

It is the color of the earth and it is an ideal range to make decisions with caution that requires time for its relaxing effect. Within the colors for office, is a tone that is perfect in spaces for the transmission of information or exchange of opinions as it is a very neutral tone. Lands, browns, ochers and beiges, comfort and like the orange, they invite to the slower, reconciling communication, which requires listening but not as informal and energetic as it happens with him.

Green, the color of creativity and freshness

The colder range of greens and blues often produces a soothing and calming effect ideal for more nervous people who seek concentration. It is one of the most recommended office colors.

Refreshes the mind and is the color of life, of nature. It is linked to healing and transmits security. As we saw in the article about green offices, it is also considered one of the best tones to decorate offices and create spaces in which people feel truly at ease.

There are also studies that relate this color with the stimulation of creativity and concentration so it can be ideal for work spaces that require solutions or original and different ideas.

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Blue, the color of serenity and balance

It is the color par excellence that most people like most. It is related to trust, loyalty and is very relaxing so it is also among the best colors for office especially those stressful environments can resort to blue to create spaces where harmony and balance reign.

It is a refreshing color that we relate to water, purity and hygiene. And in addition to providing peace is also linked to freedom so it helps make the workday more enjoyable.

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