Discover The Power of Saying Thank You in Your Life

“No matter how big or small the service is, Always express your Thanks to the person who served you.” ― Mohith Agadi

Then suddenly I was running late for office one day. On that day, I had an important meeting with my partners and guess what there was no sign of TAXI anywhere.

As each minute passed, I was growing more irritated that I had to wait for the damn taxi!

One by one many Taxi drivers ignored me or denied to take me to my destination.

When I lost the hope of reaching my office on time, a taxi stopped right in front of

me.Discover The Power of Saying Thank You in Your Life

The next instant I got in the taxi and asked the driver to hurry up.

I have to tell you I was surprised by the way he treated me along the way.

He treated me like I was his family.

He treated me as if he knew me and reminded me of the times a few months ago when I traveled in his taxi. I was speechless with this beautiful and alive experience and at the same time, I realized the power of showing gratitude.

That my friend is the power of saying thank you.

I was just sitting there scratching my head. I had no idea what he was talking about.

Because what was I supposed to say about the ride? I didn’t even remember his face.

However, it did make me curious and excited to know. My curiosity got the best of me and I asked him “how do you know me”?

The moment I asked the question we had arrived at the destination.

But I still wanted to know the answer, even knowing that I was already late for the meeting.

He took a pause and told me the reason, ‘I drive hundreds of people every month. I take them to their destination but it is rare when one of them shows gratitude and respect towards my work and you are one of them, sir’.

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I understood it then and it made me happy to learn this new thing about me.

This time it was the driver who offered me his gratitude using those two amazing words ‘Thank You’ and he drove away.

One secret of many of how to be happy with what you have in your life.

Here are the three lessons I learned about the power of saying thank you for this experience:

Your sincerity should shine through your gratitude.

This is a common mistake people make when they show their gratitude to someone who has helped them or done them a favor.

That mistake is not being sincere at the moment of saying thank you to a person.

Most people do it just for the sake of saying thank you. As formality calls for it. They don’t mean it. And that is where they go wrong.

That is where you lose the emotional touch and an opportunity to connect with the people you meet in your life.

So, when you are about to say the magic word you take a pause for one second, look into that person’s eyes, feel the warmth in your heart, and then speak the words ‘Thank You’ with a genuine smile on your face.

And be ready for a surprise from the other party.

You could be surprised by any of these following things

  • No response at all
  • A crazy and an exciting reply
  • And a beginning of a new relationship

Sometimes people are not aware or expect such things in their daily life so when they have an experience like this they don’t bother to even hear it.

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But when people know the value of gratitude they will accept your gratitude and show their love for you.

And even if you never think about seeing them again they will remember you.

They will recognize you anywhere, anytime and will always be ready to help you.

This magic word fills your day with immense happiness and gives you this amazing quality of accepting people as they are.

Appreciate everyone you meet in your life.

Humans are social creatures so their behavior is inspired by the people around them.

They are so busy following people all the time and with social media, they are literally following people. They are so invested in it that they never stop and think about it.

So, do you want to give this idea a thought here?

When we get down to it, you’ll see a pattern. A pattern where out behavior towards people is based on their financial, social and intellectual status.

We have divided people into 3 general categories:

  • Poor
  • Middle class
  • Rich

Rich ones are always appreciated because of the power, name and fame they have.

The people who belong to the middle class get some acceptance from the society as they are the workforce who manage and run everything for us.

But people who miss this completely are the ones who are poor and have no access to the first class lifestyle, education and other facilities.

So this is where you have to change your direction.

So, today when you meet your watchman, your driver or any other person who are making any efforts for you, appreciate them by saying these simple words ‘Thank You’.

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You will see how it makes them happy and feel worthy of being there for you.

The circle of happiness starts with you.

Do you usually think that there has to be a reason to be happy?

And how long are you going to stay sad if you don’t find that reason?

1 day? 2 days? A month? A year? When does being the sad end?

It doesn’t. If you let it consume you, it will.

So, let happiness in. Start facing things with a smile.

And you might have already heard this but it takes a lot more muscles to frown than to smile.

So, it’s not a lot of effort.

Just think about it. There are two people in a room with you. One is moping around crying and one looks content in his life. Who do you want to be like?

Do you want to mope around all your life? Or do you want to be content?

When you look at the person who is content, you want that. It is not just going to happen.

You have to become grateful for the things you have right now.

For example:

  • Your life, Your family and your friends
  • Your job, your health and your dreams
  • The water you drink, the food you eat and the air you breathe.
  • For everything you have.

You need to be open to changes. There is no one coming to rescue you. You are your own savior. So save yourself and others. Be the hero. Smile and let it shine on everyone.

As you can see happiness spreads like an inspection. Be happy for yourself and help others see that they can be too.

The journey to being content starts with being happy in your own life.

Celebrate even your small successes.

Do not put yourself down.

And most important of all say thank you and mean it.


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