Discover The Beauty Of Seychelles

The Beauty Of Seychelles

Ever heard of Seychelles before today? I got to know about this place by a friend merely a month back and since then it is stuck right here in my heart and after a thorough study the place turned out as an absolute surprise. Seychelles is quite cost-effective and immensely beautiful at the same time. Seychelles out stands all the places when it comes to cheapest foreign tours. Seychelles, an integral part around East Africa has these 115 group of islands called Seychelles. Let’s discover the beauty of Seychelles down here-

There are plenty of places worth visiting that you can visit and discover when you are in Seychelles, let’s have a look at few down here-

  1. Curieuse Island

The 2.86-square-kilometers Curieuse Island is a bio-reserve with no settlement, lodgings or eateries on the island. You can hire a boat and visit this island to see the flawless, immaculate nature and the National Marine Park here! The soil of this island is unusually red in its color, giving it the epithet ‘Red Island’. It is likewise one of the two places in the world where Coco de Mer normally grows, the other being Praslin Island. Coco de Mer is a one of a secured ornament tree that delivers the world’s heaviest seed — 17.6 kg! Other than Coco de Mer, you can likewise observe and feed the huge tortoise found in the national park.

  1. Cousin Island

In case you thought that Curieuse Island is tiny, you should visit the Cousin Island! Crossing just 0.34 square kilometers of land made up of granite stones, the island is a base territory for various birds reserves. Other than different kinds of birds, there are endemic species found in Seychelles like Seychelles reptiles, Aldabra Giant Tortoise, and Seychelles songbirds are normally seen here. Try not to be amazed if you don’t spot a dustbin or toilets on the island. The island is tied in with limiting waste, so you need to take your trash off the island. Be sure to carry your camera along and do snap a couple of photographs of the imperiled species here.

  1. Sainte Anne Marine National Park
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Saint Anne Marine National Park was built up in 1973 to save the wildlife in the district. Taking a voyage through this marine national park takes quite a while in light of the fact that it is spread out crosswise over eight islands. However, the visit here is just so worth your time despite all the trouble! You must decide on scuba diving or swimming to explore the coral reefs and marine life here. Just in case swimming isn’t your specialty, jump onto the glass-base pontoons to watch the underwater life without getting wet. The island is an amazing adventurous spot for couples on vacation as they to can put in some cozy minutes in the rich and private Sainte Anne Island Resort while enjoying the clear turquoise water encompassing the island.

  1. Aride Island

The northernmost island in Seychelles, Aride Island might be a bit modest in size yet it has the greatest number of breeding species among all the Seychelles islands. 18 local bird species have been reproduced on this island, for example, Seychelles Fody, Seychelles Magpie Robin, and Seychelles Sunbird. But the island is just open on weekdays and also it is shut from May to September because of the strong sea currents in monsoon.

  1. Les Rochers Restaurant

With regards to food, Les Rochers Restaurant knows to pamper its customers just so well. Situated in Praslin, Les Rochers Restaurant is known for its rich, sumptuous and crisp fish. Other than the fantastic quality of the food served, the atmosphere of this restaurant is very stunning and has a beautiful serene view of the sea, it ultimately improves the visitor’s experience. The food here might be somewhat pricey, yet there’s nothing wrong in spending on awesome food once in while after all!

  1. The Port Launay Mangrove Forest
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A vast mangrove forest is situated at Port Launay, the home to seven mangroves species. Port Launay Mangrove Forest is the last mangrove region accessible in the entire nation that clarifies the especially strict protection efforts here. When you are here, get a guided kayak visit to paddle through the lavish mangrove timberland while finding out about its significance to Seychelles biodiversity.

Seychelles has much more than just beaches and underwater life. You must as much time as you want here and explore the magnificence of every island in Seychelles. The 115-island country has a lot of natural attractions that you can never get tired of, trust me!

Best Time To Visit Seychelles

Seychelles is pleasant throughout the year but the recommended time to visit it is mostly during April, May, October, November, and December. These months usually hold an even better and pleasant climate to explore Seychelles.

Seychelles has a lot of exquisite islands that you can visit or stay at, all you need is a bit study to choose the perfect place. This could be hard because there are innumerable islands and all are equally beautiful so choose wisely. Worried about how to get here and the air ticket fare??? we have left no loops in our research. Now you can find the best flight deals with Expedia coupons get 10% up to 10,000 off on your international flight booking and much more. Do research a lot about Seychelles and satisfy your soul and once that is done, you better start stuffing for backpacks because my friend Africa is waiting for you. Yay!!!

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There are plenty of things that one can do here in Seychelles and if you are one amongst them who loves beaches and water sports, this place is just meant for you. Other things that you can do is Nature Tours, Wildlife Tours, Glass Bottom Boat Cruises, Ocean Cruises, Island Exploration, Water Sports, Leisure Tours. The hotel in Seychelles would merely cost you somewhere under 1000 INR per day (Woah) and one can get ample food in merely 500 bucks (Another Woah) and lastly the transport here is pretty cheap and frequent so there is nothing that you will have to worry about (A very big Woah).

Seychelles is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations you will ever see and it assures a pleasant experience for all its visitors. Though Seychelles is not known by people as much its serene is beyond words and is an absolute must visit for everyone for at least once in their lifetime! So, are all set to explore the beauty of Seychelles now?

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