Don’t Blink: 7 Impeccable Reasons Why Bali Should Be Your Next Summer Destination

Bali is the most famous island vacation stop in the Indonesian archipelago. The island is famous because of the people’s hospitality and colorful culture. Fascinating temples and castles set against beautiful native backdrops are some of its best attractions.

Also dining in Bali offers unlimited options of local cuisine. During the evening, favorite night spots come to life, giving exhilarating clubbing and jammed dance stages. Inland, overlooking volcanoes and primitive jungles welcome you with lots to enjoy.

Bali Should Be Your Next Summer Destination

Moreover, Bali also offers a lot of luxurious resorts and incredible beaches for you to soak your body. With the island offering spectacular landscapes and seascapes, here are the main reasons why Bali, Indonesia should be your next summer destination.

Striking Beaches

The never-ending list of lovely beaches is the most definite reason to visit this tropic paradise on the Indonesian island.

Each beach has its beauty, from smooth white sand and limestone hills to ultimate sea escapades and diving. From the conventional Kuta and wealthy Nusa Dua communities to secluded, isolated beaches off from the people, there’s a shore for everyone, every want, and every feeling.

Fascinating Cultural Practices

Bali’s attraction runs way broader than its impressive looks. The archipelago is additionally home to various legendary cultural beliefs which are practiced from time to time.

The Balinese celebrate many commemorations and festivities during the year, several of which can be experienced by travelers, from the Kissing carnival to the dragon parade before the day of Nyepi or the day of silence.

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Festive, Spiritual Spectacle

Generally, Balinese people embraced Hinduism as their religion. Most of their houses are equipped with mini temples where they pray on a daily basis. Some tourists are also up to temple tours to appreciate not just Bali’s religion but the temples artistry and sophistication.

Countless Adventure

In many ways, there’s always an activity for everyone who has brave souls in Bali. You may experience jumping in high cliffs, sliding down through their natural waterslides and surfing and riding in the waves.

You may also sink into the ocean inside a submarine, jump by yourself or experience roaming the seabed. Name it, Bali offers it.

Natural attraction

Beyond remarkable beaches and enchanting temples, Bali has practically every variety of real beauty.

Splendid mountainous areas with lavish greenery, dramatic lakes, grand waterfalls, classical rice fields, blossom gardens, flowing divine rivers and hidden canyons all formulate the island’s scenery.

Sumptuous Food and Cuisine

Bali has productive soil and also its interesting basic recipes, have produced a unique cuisine. Bali’s everyday meals can be both enjoyed whether you eat on the streets or inside a restaurant.

Many foreign chefs are attracted to Bali to discover, formulate and modify recipes, rising in neighborhoods filled with beaneries, all with their ideas. Bali too has no lack of restaurants with extensive and globally acclaimed menus like  Mexican, Italian, or even American.

Lastly, there are also several establishments serving nonchemical, vegan or even fresh food.

People’s Hospitality

Most people who’ve traveled to Bali will admit that the Balinese are the most loving people. Gaining new friends is more natural than any other countries or places, as locals are frequently involved in joining in discussion with anyone, including tourists.

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Their friendliness and natural warmth have made travelers seem at home for some years.


Realistically, Bali offers a different kind of fun and enjoyment to tourists and travelers than any other places do not have. The uniqueness and distinctiveness of their culture make them a popular destination among travelers and backpackers. So it’s time to pack your bags, and Luggage Online then choose Bali as your next summer destination.

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