Doorstep Repair Service Start-ups Is The Recent Trend In Bangalore

Doorstep Repair Service

India’s E-commerce industry is on a boom.  Companies are achieving a billion sales every year and Indian e-industry has been one of the fastest growing industries for over a decade. E-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart have conquered a major market share, forcing brick and mortar companies to be on the defensive side. The online marketing strategies  and offers are gaining more customers. Amazon has been investing a major chunk of funds on advertising to stay at the top. On the other hand, Flipkart is one of the E-commerce majors when it comes to selling a variety of products. At present, Alibaba has also joined the race to capture a share in one of the biggest E-commerce market in the world. Moreover, Indian market is always considered an impressive platform for startups to accelerate their growth and expand business in a sustainable way.

The Internet user in India is low (34%) when compared to 90% users in the US and 54% in China. These figures are bound to change in the future. and the growth of internet users in India will be very progressive. The percent of internet users have gone up from 7.5% to 34%. This rate of growth is way faster than US 17% and China’s 14 %. These home services startups are founded by passion-driven individuals . You can find these kinds of companies in all major cities in India offering top quality services.

In recent times, young entrepreneurs are coming up with different ideas and successfully starting a business of their own. Yes, technology helps in saving time and it helps to reach the target customers. Starting a business is a lot easier when compared to the older days. It is now a welcoming nature from Government authorities with redefined policies and less compliance to follow for those planning to start a business.

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Apart from selling products, these companies provide reputed handyman services to the customer. You can buy an electronic appliance (expensive), but you should also know the maintenance tricks.

Doorstep services are the trend in recent times, because you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home in search of a technician or professional for your needs. Also, you do not have to ask for referrals nor search on established websites. You just have to download their app, and place a request. You can also schedule the request as per your convenience. You can always contact these companies in times of emergencies.

Just imagine the old times, when your parents or elder brother had to go through the ordeal to apply a passport. Your sibling would have read the blanks a few times before filling the application. But now, you can hire the services of a passport consultant to come to your home to complete the application.

Doorstep Repair Service

There were many industry experts, who predicted that the doorstep repair services will not be successful in India. But Ola and Uber changed the entire concept of booking a service in India. The apps revolution started in the year 2016, and in 2017, every business, small or big wanted to have an app for their online company.

The Indian public also embraced the doorstep repair concept with open arms. Agreed, there were some hiccups, but the success came when the Ola and Uber concept became successful. Let it be any service, right from plumbing service to car repair, you can get a reputed handyman service professional at your doorstep.

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Let us also look at the benefits of hiring a handyman or doorstep repair service professional –

Doorstep Repair Service

 1.Saves Time

If you have booked a professional (plumber, electrician) via the old method, then you will have to wait for him. But in the doorstep service model, you can schedule the service at your own time and place.

Doorstep Repair Service

  1. You Do Not Have To Suffer From Stress

You easily download the app of the doorstep repair services company and install your mobile. You can easily hire the services of qualified professionals. But consider the other method.

You do not have to make the trip to the repair shop. Let us imagine for example, your washing machine has gone on repair. The warranty period has also expired. Now, it will cost you more to take the appliance to the brand repair store. If you are interested in the same, you have to give the device to the store, and then wait for the repair to be completed. If it is not done in a day, then you will have to go again to bring the device.

Now consider the home repair model. You just have to book the service, check your time and convenience and can make a reputed professional come to your doorstep.

You can easily book a service from the comfort of your home, gym or any place.

  1. Saves Money

Doorstep Repair Service

In case of any new fixtures, you can spend less money. The handyman will have connections where he can get parts for a discount rate. Also, after the job you get a call from the company regarding the quality of service. Usually, all home repair companies will have affordable rates for any service as per the trend in the market.

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At present, you can find variety of services in doorstep repair category. It ranges from handyman services to event management and arrangement of sangeet ceremonies. Are you a resident of Bangalore? Then, if you need a handyman professional, you can easily place a booking in companies which provide the top home repair services in Bangalore. Some popular services sought after are plumbing, electricians, carpentry, AC repair, packers and movers.

We hope that this article has thrown light on the benefits of hiring a professional handyman. Have we missed a valuable point? Then feel free to drop a comment in the Review section.

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