Dorm decor ideas to liven up space

Hostel life is fun with sleep overs, cooking snacks at midnight and partying with friends. No matter the size of your dorm room, it is the best place to hang out with friends and make some beautiful memories. But the only problem with the dorm room is its dull walls and minimal decoration. The walls are plain colored with no decoration and the room has basic furniture but nothing decorative or fancy that can liven the space and also work as storage.

Dorm decor ideas to liven up space

So here is a list of ideas to decorate your dorm room without spending much. Also, if you’re worried about destroying the basic look or doing anything that will get you into trouble, then go through these awesome dorm decor ideas that will make your dorm look heavenly.

Here are 15 dorm decor ideas to liven up the place

1. Hang a tapestry

Dorm decor ideas to liven up space

A tapestry is an intricate but an artistic piece of design woven into a rug or a piece of cloth. Hanging a beautiful tapestry along a wall or on the wall behind your bed will surely liven up the place. There will surely be some beautiful and cheap option.

2. Creative seating

Dorm decor ideas to liven up space

Having furniture like a sofa for chilling is an intricate decor idea, but unfortunately, dorm rooms are too small for having a sofa. So, here is a cheap, comfy and stylish solution for you. Buy some big circular cushions or pillows that can be used for sitting and enjoy the movie night with your friends and stash them away under the bed when not needed.

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3. Washi tape to makeover the refrigerator

Dorm decor ideas to liven up space

Having a mini fridge in your dorm is so cool, you can stock sodas or stash away that leftover pizza for midnight cravings. But the boring fridge keeps dampening your spirit, don’t worry we have the solution. Use some washi tape to decorate it in any design. Your creativity and a little tape can do wonders.

4. Funky doormat

Dorm decor ideas to liven up space


A standard or regular doormat is too big and boring for the tiny room so spice up the place with a funky doormat. It can be a colorful one or one that has quotes or images from your favorite movie or TV show.

5. Wall hanging plant

Dorm decor ideas to liven up space

Having a garden is not possible but you hang wall plants in the corner of your room or in the balcony if you have one. They will lighten up the place and also bring freshness to the place with clean air. Either buy one, they are easily available or DIY.

6. Buy quality trunks

Dorm decor ideas to liven up space

In small spaces, we need furniture that can function as two things. So buy some pretty and big trunks that can be used for storage and can also work as a nightstand.

7. Posters hanged with decorative tape

Dorm decor ideas to liven up space

Okay if you love posters but hanging them means making a mess out of the wall. Then, use some decorative tape to hang out your favorite posters. They come out easily and don’t leave any marks.

8. DIY a reading corner

Dorm decor ideas to liven up space

Pick a spot; put a chair and a small rack filled with books there. Now decorate it using ribbons or flowers or anything that soothes you. Your reading corner is ready. Chill here and read your favorite authors.

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9. String lights

Dorm decor ideas to liven up space


Hang string light to bring some liveliness to the room. There are many ways to do that- one of them is attaching string light to two ends and clipping photos between two lights to make it a picture corner.

10. Souvenirs

Dorm decor ideas to liven up space

Use metal clips to hang postcards or photos from your hometown or place you would like to visit. Also, if you have a fridge use can use souvenirs magnets from places you have visited to decorate it.

11. Removable wallpaper

Dorm decor ideas to liven up space

Buy some wallpaper that are removable and don’t leave any residue and cover those boring walls that keep staring back at you. There are many trends and designs for these wallpapers.

12. Dress the drawers

Dorm decor ideas to liven up space

You may have some drawers or a dressing table, dress them up in different colors or put some wallpaper on them to make them more interesting.

13. Clipboard art

Dorm decor ideas to liven up space

Put some clipboards on the wall and rotate the art in them for a different look every few days.

14. Wardrobe on display

Dorm decor ideas to liven up space

You can buy huge racks according to the space, this will help you store your things and can also acts an art exhibition if you use it nicely.

15. Photo collage and a wall of fame

Dorm decor ideas to liven up space

Nothing makes a place for special than a wall that has the pictures of your loved ones. Make a photo collage to make the room special. Similarly, you can choose a wall and put up many photos of your loved one and your favorite memory. This way you reminisce about these times any day. (Use a grid that lets you put many photos without digging up any hole on the wall). And you can create photo collages within minutes with tools like Canva. And it’s absolutely free too.

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Go use these ideas and make your dorm room look super cool and homely.

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