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In recent times, there are very few offices which do not have an air conditioner. In cities such as Bangalore, called as the city for start-ups you can find air-conditioner in almost every office. There are many health benefits of installing air conditioners. But one of the main benefits that is more visible to the users, it offers a cool environment during the red hot summer. However, similar to any electronic appliance, an AC also needs maintenance. You can follow the simple methods given in this article. Even after following the methods, in an unfortunate situation, your appliance still performs below the line. Then information is provided in this article to easily seek a top quality repair professional at affordable rates for AC repair in Bangalore.

Why is maintenance for the AC required?

It is mandatory that the filters, fins and coils of the AC need maintenance as it has to work regularly. Neglecting the maintenance can lead to unwanted bills and malfunctioning of the device.


To ensure full efficiency of the air conditioner, the filter have to work properly. They have to be replaced or changed accordingly. When you have a clogged or dirty filter, there will be unsteady airflow. The AC’s system efficiency is reduced. In a similar situation, the air can take dirt to the evaporator coil. In turn, the heat absorbing capacity of the coil gets reduced. If a coil is working perfectly, then the consumption of electricity is reduced by five to ten percent.

There are brands with replacement filters and reusable filters. They also belong to various types and efficiencies. It is vital that you have to clean or replace the filter every two months in the winter season. Check the air filters regularly if you have pets in the home or if your office is situated in an area of rampant pollution.

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2.Coils of Air Conditioner

The evaporator coil as well the condenser coil becomes the storehouse for dirt collected over months and years. The dirt will reduce the air flow and in turn, the coil’s efficiency to absorb heat gets compromised. So to avoid the problem, check the evaporator coil every year and clean it as per the need.

The condenser coils, situated at the exterior can become dirty in case of foliage or the outdoor environment. You can have a look at the condenser coils and check if dirt has collected on the fins.

It is always advisable to install the AC in a place devoid of debris and dirt. Never install the AC near foliage or any appliance. Examples are the falling leaves, dryer vents and lawn mowers. It is mandatory that the area around the coil should be clean of household items such as microwave oven and dryers.

  1. Drains

The drain channels have to be clean. Clogged drains can reduce the efficiency to reduce humidity, and the result will be discoloring of walls and carpet.

  1. Season

Since the atmosphere is cool, you do not need the AC. But that does not mean you have to ignore the appliance. You can cover the outdoor unit to protect from debris and weather.

What is the need for AC service in Bangalore?

Is your air conditioner in Bangalore, after all the maintenance, performing below-par? Then it is easy to hire the services of a AC repair professional in Bangalore. You need not search for referrals nor look into established websites. There are many home improvement service companies in Bangalore, which have qualified handyman professionals in their customer care list. All you have to do, is to place a request, check the perfect professional for your budget and schedule the service as per your convenience. The AC repair professional can come on the slot and make the appliance come back to normal.

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What will the technician check in your air conditioner?

Other than finding problems, the AC repair professional will identify issues that can escalate to bigger problems. During inspection, he should –

He should check if the appliance has the correct quantity of refrigerant

Check properly if the appliance has suffered damage. In a similar situation, he should identify for leaks by making use of a leak detector

In case of leakage in ducts, he should properly seal the leaks

Measure the flow of air via the evaporator coil

He should also check electric terminals, clean as well tighten connections and apply the non-conductive coating in the required places

Check accuracy of thermostat

He should also inspect the belts for wear and tear.


There are some electronic appliances which have become mandatory in offices of urban cities such as Bangalore. And the management is making the investments for these appliances (though expensive) for the benefits of workers. Air conditioner, you can find in almost any medium level office in Bangalore. And even in homes, AC has become common. But there is a wrong notion among a section of people – Buy a appliance, and then forget it. No, the entire concept is wrong. You should know the maintenance tips for the specific appliance because of two factors. The appliance will work to its full potential and it will last the lifetime as specified by the manufacturer. Hope this article gave you ample tips to extend the life of your air conditioner. Good Luck!

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