Eco-Friendly Packaging Role in Reducing Environmental Impact

Eco-Friendly Packaging Role in Reducing Environmental Impact

Now packaging is an essential part of our daily life.Every product we consume in our daily routine comes in a packaging box. But now with the increasing threats to the environment and eco-system due to non-renewable packaging materials; the trend is now shifting towards “eco-friendliness”.What exactly is eco-friendly packaging? In simple words, environmentally friendly packaging can be easily recycled, and it is not harmful to the individuals or the environment.It uses as much renewable and recycled materials as possible. It is well-known as green packaging or sustainable packaging.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Role in Reducing Environmental Impact

For many years, companies and individuals have tried to catch the consumer’s attention with fancy packaging and flashy logos. With the passage of time, another element has come to the forefront in the packaging industry and that is green packaging. Now the sustainable packaging is getting consumer’s attention and making a real impact on the environment. According to a report of the European Organization for Packaging and Environment through the use of biodegradable packaging companies can actually help in decreasing the amount of packaging waste almost up to 50 percent.Eco-friendly packaging in the UK helped prevent over 80 tons in waste packaging materials from landfills in 2009.

Methods to improve eco-friendly packaging

There are numerous methods which can be helpful to improve sustainable packaging.

Light weight: means using less plastic in to make plastic packaging cartons or bottles. The use of less plastic in manufacturing results in less material is going to waste and needs to be recycled. The light weighting of packaging also lowers the transportation costs, this means less fuel is going to be consumed which also ends up in beneficial for the environment.

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Recycled Materials: another method is a use of recycled materials to create the primary packaging. Recycled plastic can be used to make a water bottle before that these bottles were made from virgin plastic. Other recycled materials like glass; steel, corrugated boxes can also be used in initial packaging. Recycled packaging in the UK has now become an integral part of the packaging industry.

Biodegradable Plastic: biodegradable plastic is one the major achievements in the field of green packaging. It is created from natural sources like potatoes, corn, and wheat. This is also referred as bioplastic, such plastic containers break down very fast when thrown in decomposition atmosphere such as landfills.

Post-costumer used recycled materials: such materials can have a post-packaging life and consumer can recycle such packaging when finished with the product. Marking packages as recyclable and giving information about how to recycle these containers can develop consumer awareness of this option.

Natural Packaging: another growing area of interest in green packaging is a use of natural materials as packaging options. One example is coconut husks, they have low water absorption, elevated strength levels, and no chemicals used and they are very environmentally friendly.

Environment-friendly packaging role in reducing environmental impact

Environmentally friendly packaging is one of the latest trends in the packaging industry.Adopting this style of packaging has many positive impacts not only on the cost of packaging, but also on our surroundings and environment as well.

Better for Environment

The most noticeable impact of such packaging is on the environment. Such packaging is usually made from recycled materials. This method reduces the waste of natural resources during production. With the advancement of technology, the manufacturing process has become very efficient, which minimize the negative impact on the environment.

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Easy Disposal

To minimize the environmental impacts when creating the product; sustainable packaging is the best option for the environment after it served its purpose. Easy disposal of packaging goods has very positive impacts on the environment. If the customers have compost services they can easily turn discarded packaging into fuel for plants. If compost facilities are not available consumers can just easily bury the packaging with the knowledge that it will biodegrade in a short period of time. Easy disposal and recycling of the products and packaging can have lasting positive impacts on the environment.

Versatile Nature

In helping the environment, environment-friendly packaging option turns out to be a very versatile option. Just as the standard packaging; endless options are also available in eco-packaging to meet our packaging needs. We can find such packaging in every consumer product from electronic devices to baked goods. Eco-friendly food packaging in the UK is also getting very popular for its versatile nature.

No Harmful Plastic

Conventional packaging methods contain a large amount of plastic and this type of packaging is the major contributor to global warming and other environmental related issues.By producing and using green packaging, we can be able to reduce plastic use and its harmful effects on the environment.Petrochemicals are an essential part of making most traditional plastic packaging and it requires a large amount of energy during production. This energy is mostly made from non-renewable resources which are itself a threat to the environment and to our eco-system. When petrochemicals products discarded, they litter parks, roads and water channels.Now not a single place on earth is free from these petrochemical products.Worst of all, this kind of plastic is directly linked to many health related problems.All such problems can be avoided by using sustainable packaging options.

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Improve Brand Image

Using eco-friendly packaging is the best way to improve our brand image. When our customers come to know that we used environmentally friendly resources this will show our concern and care about the environment, but also gives the message that we are a responsible company.This will not only improve our brand image, but also helps in reducing the negative impacts of packaging on the environment as well.

With growing awareness to preserve the environment the demand of using environmentally friendly materials in packaging is also growing. Biodegradable packaging is less toxic, reduce environmental damage and reduce pollution levels. Kraft packaging in the UK is moving forward to make environmentally friendly packaging less expensive and making it more cost effective which ultimately has positive results on our environment and with such efforts, we will be able to sustain the balance of our eco-system.

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