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Many website owners thinks that just simply filming a video clip and posting it on YouTube creates a good marketing strategy. Unfortunately, they are missing out on a very major opportunity to increase the views on their pages and traffic on the website.  Video is everywhere and this is both a blessing and curse especially when you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd at the top of the search engine pages.

So consider the following video tips to optimize your videos for SEO.

SEO services

Create engaging content

The best way to optimize your search engine is to produce a video that is informative, helpful and interesting for the viewers. When you release a video, it is extremely helpful and solves the problem or entertain the viewers. You increase the likelihood when the viewers want to share your video with others. Creating engaging content which is valuable to viewers will support your search engine optimization. In specific, it will earn you more views, more likes, more shares because people share the information that they find valuable or entertaining. And those links and shares will give your web page the authority it needs to get the attention of the search engines and improve your performance in the search results.

Include relevant keywords in your videos

Consider listing full URL as the first line of your video description to increase the likelihood that viewers will click through from your video to your site. As search engine often displays videos along with the text pages, your video will show up in the results more often if you include target words into your videos.

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Consider including target keywords in as many of the following locations on the video upload page.

  • Title tag
  • Video explanation
  • Category listing
  • Keyword tags
  • Captions or subtitles

Create a video sitemap

A sitemap for your website is an important tool for search engine optimization. Because it guides the search bot through your site, it shows them where your content is, which page is to ignore, and which page is to index. The same goes for a video site map. This tool will help search bots to find all of your videos and provide the information about those videos so they can more accurately index and rank them. The more complete your video site mapping is, the easier it will be for search bots to index, and rank your videos. Entries in a video site must include home page URL, video title and description, thumbnail and raw video file URL. It should match the information which is included on your site. There are also many optional pieces of data which  can be included as well, such as video duration, rating, view content, and live status. However, the optional field do not need to be included in a video sitemap, they only provide additional data Google can use to properly index video files.

Share your clips on many video sites

Your videos can pick plenty of views when optimized correctly for YouTube, but YouTube is not the only game in town. Submitting your videos to these sites may require a little more effort to set up account and videos for each site. But this will help you to increase the total number of blacklinks pointing to your sites and improve overall exposure for your video content.

  • Vimeo
  • Viddler
  • Buzz Net
  • Google video
  • Yahoo video
  • Tubesurf
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Add captions

The more text you can attach to your videos, the more acknowledgement you will earn from the search engines. For your digital competitor, captions and transcriptions will give your video the considerable text needs to do some real damages. You can also consider scripting your videos with keywords so your transcriptions will be optimized for search engines.

A video transcript

A full video transcript is the written version of your video and it can also be valuable if it uses the right keywords, helping search engines to study more about your content. To the audio portion of your video you can also include a transcript, or you can also add it to the description box along with the HTML of the page. This will not only help search engines but also the readers who might prefer an overview of your video.

Share on social media

Promote your content as much as possible to all the relevant channels, as this is one of the best way to spread word about it and reach the right audience. This can help you to lead more viewers, new links, and better traffic on your website. Feel free to reach the right people that may find your content interesting. Even, paid promotions might be useful if you think that this can contribute to your goals. This may be a great way to boost your video’s SEO efforts.

Ensure that your video is optimized for mobile devices

Viewing videos on mobile device is more common than viewing videos on desktop computers. As mobiles are growing more on popularity. Mobile devices will become the increasing channel and choice of watching videos. As a result it is critical to the success of search engine optimization and the overall success of your videos for them to optimize for mobile videos. In short, it means that all of your videos must be easy to load and view on mobile devices.

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Video is one of the most highly used digital media. It can make or break your brand. If your business has not yet introduced video marketing campaign you may be failing behind. But producing video is only the beginning. The next and quite possibly the most important step is optimizing the content for search engines.

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