Elite digital advertising isn’t just a click bait scum!

Elite digital advertising isn’t just a click bait scum!

It engages the mind over the matter 

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.”

Bill Gates

The doyen of technology has just made the right statement that echoes the sentiment of all others in the field of content marketing. When it comes to digital advertising solutions, the bandwidth that the cyberspace offers are unlimited. And the one industry that has been able to understand its value is related to entertainment. Now even news broadcasters are lapping it up to keep the traditional business on the run. The broad bandwidth offers a plethora of media solutions that can be leveraged by this industry that requires advanced advertising to remain edgy in the face of competition. But the smarter leaders understand that it is not just ‘annoying click bait’ that gets the hits.

Elite digital advertising isn’t just a click bait scum!

Online advertising has come a long way in the last 25 years. It is no more about attention-grabbing eyeballs but engaging the consumer – in short it is mind over matter. If you are in this highly evolving industry, take a look at the content that could answer several queries related to online strategies with some advanced technology and services by experts.

Overview of trending online advertising   

In the conventional marketing, the methodology is different from those applied in marketing in the virtual world where the physical distance is immaterial, hence the challenges are different. Just as conventional marketing is, a continuous process so is digital marketing. There is a compelling need to be a step ahead in understanding the customers’ changing requirement.

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In 2018 the following digital advertising solutions are being used:

  • Paid search
  • Paid social media
  • Facebook & Facebook audience network
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Native
  • Pre and mid-roll on video channels
  • True view ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Targeting and re-targeting
  • The display on search engines like Google
  • Email marketing

As a social media manager, you may use a combination of these to attract the consumers. But now the trends have undergone another transformation digitally. The content has become more palatable to the viewers when they are elite and not just annoying clickbait titles to hook and move on. Leaders now rely on advanced advertising techniques which are growing. In fact, with the help of an expert who offers services in this process are leading consumer engagements.

Buffering is passé 

The next thing that annoys a viewer (other than a pesky ad scrolling) is buffering. One of the reasons that viewers prefer to watch content on their smartphones is that there is virtually no buffering. How is this possible? The new age advanced video processing tools and software has better ways to encode the content without hampering its clarity of audio and video. Whether the material is compressed for smaller screens or scaled for the bigger platforms, the experience of watching is the same.  This is, of course, every marketer’s dream come true when the content goes viral and is appreciated by millions. One great tip to continue in this top form would be to get a quote from a very reputed influencer. It is not just click bait but an authentic perspective is bound to generate interest. A niche quote is powerful and makes the content directly aimed at the user that is bypassed. But, media solutions that include a good quote allow viewers to stay longer rather than quickly moving on. If you plan to use multiple platforms than even using, a mix of different influencers is great. Maybe this way you will be able to add some new viewers to the videos.

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Have you thought of mega sharing on social media? 

Now that you have content that can be streamed on various online channels it is best to go for mega sharing. The use of various different titles or snippets gets content plenty of views. Small headlines can be linked on network sites. Today, advanced plug-in tools from Word Press are being used. Vendors provide different media packages for content to reach across channels. They handle advanced advertising digitally with some additional services. They have video processing software that can be used for different channels. The requirement can be customized too. There is also a facility to store or archives the content for future use. Videos have a certain appeal to consumers. Sharing it on various channels like YouTube or Vimeo can funnel a different result and response from people who watch. And if you would further like to be unique, podcasting (but that is a different topic altogether) offers yet another potential to gain more viewers.

Bill Gates is so right when he says, that the internet is becoming the town square for the global village. No matter how diverse the content is, the advertising funnels can make it close to a larger community. We used this quote by Bill Gates; maybe you can find your influencer to get the right media solutions.

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