Emotion, Motivation and Cognition

Emotion, Motivation and Cognition

We have heard the words “emotion” and “motivation” quite often in various perspectives of usage. But have we all heard about the term “cognition” and its interrelation with emotion and motivation?

Although cognition is not an unfamiliar word yet we need to understand its implications and role in our life. Many studies talk about the development of cognitive abilities or cognition skills in human beings. It refers to the ability of human beings to process any information in right way. Therefore, cognition plays a very important role in human life.

Emotion, Motivation and Cognition

Let us understand in detail.

How are cognitive abilities important to us?

Our mind is always occupied with thoughts. The process is ongoing and so much rapid that we do not even realise what our entire mind can go through in fraction of a second! Take a pause here while you read this article and pay attention to the thoughts that are crossing your mind right now! Do you not realise that your mind is so much preoccupied with a hundreds of thoughts in the current moment itself? Imagine the speed and process of your thinking all through this time that you have lived without being attentive of your thinking pattern?

Can we really control our thoughts?

Yes, we can control our thoughts by developing the cognitive skills. These are the skills which enhance our seamless perception and help in developing better judgemental skills. Cognitive skills can be a great source of controlling your emotions which often cause most of the troubles in life. Developing cognitive skills can help us in keeping us motivated all the time for living a life better than yesterday!

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How do cognitive skills help in bringing emotional balance and developing motivational approach in life?

The cognition approach towards attaining emotional balance and motivational aspect in life comes with attainment of enhanced cognitive abilities. These abilities are the skills of thinking, learning, reading, remembering, reasoning and being attentive. We need to bring harmony and synchronization in our thought process in order to attain full cognition. The imbalance generally causes only when one of these skills get weakened. For example if you cannot generate good thoughts without developing proper listening abilities.

Our emotions have to be stabilised with continuous attention to our thoughts. When we start thinking in a negative direction, the negative thoughts find a way to enter our brain system and thus affect the complete equilibrium of life. But just like we pay attention to our house- who comes and goes, we need to pay attention to our thoughts- what thoughts enter our mind! When we consciously shut the doors for negative thoughts in our mind we will be able to generate a positive outlook. The positive thoughts will keep us encouraged, revived and enthusiast all throughout the day. Our interpersonal relationships will improve and we will find ourselves in a better position in the society.

Such cognition in between our thoughts, actions and words can be attained with regular practice. A dedicative approach has to be levied to keep ourselves motivated to achieve our goals in life.

Cognition makes you focused and augments processing of information in our mind. If the rationale of our life is put in place then most of our emotional issues get sorted out with improved cognitive abilities.

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