Enhance your Career with Aged Care Course Adelaide

aged care course adelaide

If you are just starting a career with the community and personal care, you can still apply for courses such as the aged care certification 3, in the community and residential care, which are still valid today.

You don’t need to delay starting your career by a year because the aged care course Adelaide and home care will still be valid during this period.

aged care course adelaide

Looking for nursing opportunities:

There are currently 200 plus Nursing jobs opening in Adelaide. Gaining a Nursing qualification will significantly enhance your career prospects for nursing jobs in Adelaide. The average salary for a Nursing job in Adelaide is $58,000. Apart from that, studying online course with a nationally recognized institute gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace. The Australian Government’s Department of Employment also estimates a projected employment growth to 2018 of 3,300 jobs for the Nursing industry in Adelaide.

Employment in the Nursing industry in Adelaide:

Today women are working in every occupation and in every industry, especially in the nursing field. Many women are loving the sense of achievement like caring old people, social help, etc. Adelaide has a total of 603,600 people currently employed among a population of 1,219,700. Part-time workers are 34% of the workforce in Adelaide. Whether you’re new in Aged Care or want to enhance your employment prospects, take a look at our courses in Adelaide or online.

Waiting For the New Qualification?

In terms of different types of personalities and skills, there are a lot of positions in the aged care industry like human resources (HR), early support administration (ESA), and catering as well as careers in managerial and corporate roles.

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There are also a variety of situations where you can work as a support worker. Career could also be made available in various community care that you can provide your support and services to people from your place, continuous nursing support or assist in a community-based facility. Not only working in the field of elderly care can be very fulfilling and rewarding career, but it also provides various opportunities.

What qualification can you get?

The qualifications available in aged care course Adelaide range from Certificate 1st to Certificate 4th, vocational graduate qualifications, diplomas, Masters and Doctorates in both Community Services and Disability.

Certificate 3rd: It is the latest aged care training course in Australia. It is apt for those who want to begin their career in the aged care community. There are certain necessary skills and knowledge that is a must to have if you want to enter the aged care field. The Certificate III ensures that you have the skills to support the elderly.

Diploma course: Diploma is for those who are responsible for the management and coordination of corporate delivering services or initiating new approaches.

Advanced diploma course: Advanced diploma course is apt for those workers who are providing special services, and want to get resources to other workers, professional supervision of staff and volunteers.


A new training package has just been released to help Australians fill-in job vacancies in the field of Aged Care Worker, Assistant in Nursing, support worker.

Instead of having separate courses for Aged Care, community, and home care, Disability course these now coalesce into a single qualification called the Certificate 3 Aged Care Course Adelaide.

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