Entering the Gateway of Tamil Nadu: Chennai

Entering the Gateway of Tamil Nadu: Chennai

Whether you are looking to stroll on the warm sands of Marina Beach or visit the famous Government Museum, there is no doubt that Chennai is one of the hottest tourist destinations currently. Check the Delhi to Chennai Flights Schedule and get on board your plane as you fly to the gateway and capital to the culturally rich land of Tamil Nadu.

Entering the Gateway of Tamil Nadu: Chennai

Chennai is one of the largest commercial and cultural hubs in South India. It has the 36th biggest urban area in the world. It is also astonishing to note that it is one of the most visited cities in India by tourists from India and across the world. It is also termed as India’s ‘Health Capital’. Health tourism contributes to a large portion of Chennai’s revenue. People looking for quality healthcare services at reasonable prices visit Chennai in the hopes of curing their ailments, and more often than not, they are sent back happy. It is also said to be one of the country’s safest cities, with extremely low crime rates.

Tourist Destinations in and around Chennai

There is no shortage of tourist locations around the grand city of Chennai. The Marina Beach is one of the main attractions here. It runs for an impressive length of thirteen kilometres and is the 2nd longest beach in the world! The memorials of two former chief ministers of Tamil Nadu can be found here. The Marina Beach is great for an early morning or evening visit since the afternoons can be excruciatingly hot. There are many food stalls and entertainment spots along the beach. You can sit here and watch the beautiful rising sun.

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One of the other major tourist destinations is the Birla Planetarium. It is open to the public on almost all the days. There are separate timings for English and Tamil programs in the planetarium. The projector can display the glory of the heavens on an overhead screen. This is one of the best audio-visual ways to learn about the secrets of the cosmos. This is a hotspot for tourists, science enthusiasts, and the local populace as well. Many astronomical themes are explored in each of these sessions.

The Chennai Government Museum, which came into existence all the way back in 1857, holds one of the most supreme collections of Indian bronze icons and marble sculptures. The National Art Gallery also houses timeless pieces of art from per-independence India. The Parthasarathy Temple, one of the oldest temples of Chennai, is a massive tourist attraction. It has gone through multiple renovations under the generous patronage of kings through the centuries. Similarly, the San Thome Cathedral Basilica is also an amazing heritage site in the city. It is named after the famous St. Thomas. This apostle of Jesus is said to have come ot India around two-thousand years ago. The Cathedral was built in his honour in 1504.

Chennai has a host of interesting places to visit if you are a tourist. The locals are also very friendly and willing to help in most cases. As long as you are not heading there in summer, Chennai is an excellent tourist destination.

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