How escape room games are beneficial for Physical and mental health and fitness

Why escape room games are a healthy exercise

Before knowing about how good of an effect it is on your health, we must know what it is?

Escape room games or real life games are physical adventures in which real people are locked inside a room. They need to solve the puzzles, anagrams, riddles and other mysteries to get out of the room. There is a time for each time in which the games needs to be completed to get out of the room. Puzzles and other hints, clues are hidden all over the room for the players to find it. These rooms are the theme based for example: The theme can be on Sherlock Holmes, Leonardo Da Vinci, Alice in Wonderland, A space adventure, Torture room, Treasure hunt, Pirates etc. Players can choose the theme they are most interested in and difficulties they want to play in as well.

Why is it good?

Well, obviously, it’s helpful to your body and mind to get off your office seat and move your eyes away from your laptop for a while. These games are physical thus, provide an immensely amazing experience where a person can relive the fantasies and great legends. Body and mind need relaxation and a person needs a vacation from their busy schedule, so what good vacation will be other than spending a great time with your family or friends on this wonderful experience. It is extremely good for body and mind as you have to work on the puzzles while moving around here and there inside the room for clues. It’s amazing to have a healthy mental exercise as it sharpens your mine. You can have an experience where you are physically enjoying as you play the legendary roles and fictional roles which you only have seen in your dreams or movies. Families can enjoy this experience together and it will good to share your mental challenges together which actually let you get to know each other more. So basically, It’s an amazing example of social experience as well. So not just mental and physical health but it’s a positive approach socially too.

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How can I reach one?

It’s amazingly easy. There are many companies in the world who are offering these amazing experience and games. One of the most famous ones is EscapeClub which are offering multiple Escape rooms for your whole family to enjoy. Just visit their site and book your holiday today with extremely affordable charges.

So plan one together with your family or with your friends who enthusiast such events and love the real life adventure in escape room sao Paulo.

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