Everything You Need To Know About Sales Enablement

Everything You Need To Know About Sales Enablement

One of the major reasons why this article needs to be on the mighty web is that we need more and more pieces of information about this relativity new and obscure subset of sales which goes by the name ‘Sales Enablement’. This is important because along with the changing trends, especially in the digital world, each and every component of a business must adaption parallel. And when it comes to priorities in a business, sales is undoubtedly rests somewhere in top three of the list.

Everything You Need To Know About Sales Enablement

Now most of the digital solutions focus on brand recognition, marketing, mobile app, mass reach etc., but we have never had a particular methodology that focuses on tuning up sales. We have had tips & tricks, and suggestions in this field, but not a consolidated set of ‘what-how-when’.

But today, we have Sales Enablement – an entire industry that focuses on providing with necessary advisory and tools to help business boost their sales up to a significant extent.

 What is Sales Enablement?

If you are here, we assume that you may already be wondering what in the name of God is Sales Enablement.

Well, here is a simple definition:

Sales Enablement focuses on providing sales personnel of an enterprise with adequate resources such as content, infographics, research tools, practices, and tips & tricks to help their business see a rise in percentage of sales.

There are times when companies, despite having a great marketing model, excellent product, comprehensive sales strategy and a descent online presence, can’t figure out why they are not able to nail it when it comes to sales. While there could be some rare deluded reasons, most of the times they cannot sell because the sales department doesn’t know how to. They think their techniques and practices are on point and there is absolutely nothing wrong with their strategy. But then, in the process of believing that, they forget that the market is changing rapidly, and what flies today, may not tomorrow.

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This is where the concept of Sales Enablement steps in. The existential purpose of a Sales Enablement service provider is to keep up with currently works in the market, and transfer those insights to its client. Clearly, Sales Enablement falls in the B2B category as it deals only with the enterprises, and not with the customers.

However, as per the definition, the role of Sales Enablement doesn’t end at just equipping their clients with the tools and practices. It extends to enabling the clients with advanced know-how of using the resources.The physical significance of Sales Enablement can be understood by what it offers, as anything that helps in boosting the sales of an organization, is part of it. For example – Skills training for the sales employees, digital tools, research tools, sales trends etc., can fall under Sales Enablement.

Another important feature of a Sales Enablement service is that it should allow the client to track the effectiveness of the service or resources offered. This is important a majority of people, clients, and enterprises are not sure about the integrity of these services. So, it is important for the provider to devise a set of tools and methodologies that allow one to see if these services actually measure up, which they do.

While it would be quite apparent from the profits, there are some parameter that a Sales Enablement services provider must allow their buyers to measure the benefits, which are:


Market Penetration

Revenue Ratio

Acceleration in Annual Growth

Revenue by product

Revenue by Market

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Average Lead Response Time

Marketing Collateral Usage

Conversion Rate

Amount per Deal

Cost of Sales to Revenue Ratio

Employee Satisfaction

Benefits of Sales Enablement

Gain Vision

A vision pertaining to sales is probably the most important factor for selling better. A Sales Enablement scheme not only gives you the necessary insights on the expertise required and how to achieve, but also gives you the ability to anticipate the upcoming trends in sales. This means investing in a Sales Enablement scheme is a long-term thing, and the resources and expertise acquired can be reused over time with little modifications as per the changing trends.

Gain Skill

Something a small or medium business lacks the most is skill. Even for a big enterprise, changing times bring about a change in the type of skill required to stay ahead in the market. So, for either type, developing a skill cannot be ignored. A Sales Enablement service also covers the training part and ensures that the personnel are all set to use the tools and tweaks at maximum potential.

Effective Co-ordination

When it comes to co-ordination,having a uniform strategy does the job. The nature of Sales Enablement services is such that a group of employees, a department or even an individual employee can use these services with the same effectiveness.

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