Everything You Need To Know About New Stargirl Villain Eclipso


Fans of The CW series “Stargirl” have a new villain to get excited about.  Season two of the popular DC comic show will feature Eclipso as the series’ new main villain. If you are new to the show, or the DC universe, this guide will help get you up to speed.

Eclipso Is a DC Comics Supervillain

Eclipso wasn’t invented just to be a bad guy on the TV version of “Stargirl.” He was first introduced by DC Comics in the 1963 “House of Secrets” series #61. His alter ego is Galid/Kalla of Nilaa. He has also gone by the names Prince of Darkness, Lladiz, The Lord of the No-Man’s Land Between Light and Darkness, and Vengeance Demon. He got a revamp as a more powerful villain in the 1992 miniseries, “Eclipso: The Darkness Within.” In that series, he confronted powerhouse heroes such as Batman, Captain Marvel, and Superman.

Eclipso Was Once an Angel

Every good supervillain needs a backstory and Eclipso is no different. Eclipso was created by none other than God himself and granted incredible powers and abilities as The Angel of God’s Wrath. In that role, he was responsible for the Biblical Flood that wiped out most of humanity and made Noah famous. Turns out that Eclipso enjoyed his job a bit too much, which got him kicked out of Heaven and trapped in the black diamond called the Heart of Darkness. However, he escaped his prison and possessed Bruce Gordon. He is immortal and has the ability to control and manipulate the weather. If that’s not enough, he can also possess the body of others, fly and shoot lethal rays out of his eyes.

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Eclipso Was Teased in the Season One Finale

The “Stargirl” character Cindy killed her father, the Dragon King, in the season one finale. Afterward, she discovered a diamond-shaped gem filled with illuminated swirling gas in The Magician’s storage room. Upon finding the gem, she said, “I see you in there, Eclipso.” It is speculated that this gem is Eclipso’s Heart of Darkness. In the comic book series, anyone who touched the Heart of Darkness could be possessed by Eclipso.

“Arrow” Star Nick Tarabay Will Take on the Role

Fans of CW’s DC superhero shows will likely recognize Nick Tarabay from his role as Digger Harkness/Captain Boomerang on The CW series “Arrow.” Tarabay only appeared in three episodes of “Arrow,” but is likely to make a bigger impact in his role as Eclipso. In addition to “Arrow,” Tarrabay has made appearances on “Sex and the City,” “The Sopranos,” “Crash,” “Spartacus,” “Person of Interest,” and “The Expanse.” In a Twitter announcement, Tarabay promised fans that Eclipso would be even worse than his infamous character Ashur from “Spartacus.” Executive producer Geoff Johns agrees, saying Eclipso will be a “formidable foe.”

“Stargirl’s” titular heroine wiped out most of her season one enemies, but with his awesome powers and immortality, Eclipso seems unlikely to suffer the same fate. His introduction to the show should set up some epic clashes in season two.

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