Exterior Vehicle Rust Prevention

Vehicle Rust Prevention

Don’t let rust reduce the value and protection of your vehicle. As your vehicle ages and is exposed to moisture, it can begin to rust and oxidize in certain areas. This can quickly compromise your exterior paint and affect the value of your car. Learn more about how rust neutralizer, thorough inspections and a car cover can keep your vehicle protected.

Inspect Areas Prone to Rusting

Some areas are far more likely to rust than others. Take some time to carefully inspect your car for signs of rust. Whether you’re frequently driving in the rain, snow or salt-covered roads, search these areas for signs of rust forming:

  • Underside of your car
  • Around the trunk, fenders and doors
  • Bumpers and wheel wells

Rust is easy to spot, but bubbling paint and other wear spots can also be signs that your car’s exterior is beginning to rust. Thankfully, there are some products that can assist you with limiting or completely preventing the effects of rust.

Use a Rust Neutralizer

Pick up a can of car rust neutralizer to halt the spread of rust. Once a small portion of your paint job becomes compromised and allows rust to form on the exterior of your vehicle, it quickly spreads underneath your paint job. A bubbling surface of paint soon chips off and reveals a larger area of rust.

A rust neutralizer is an affordable way to reseal your car and prevent further damage. A can of latex coating works like your original primer. Traditional paint and primer doesn’t adhere to rust, but you can use a neutralizer to create a neutral surface that can accept all your original layers of paint and primer.

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Remove Water From Your Vehicle

Another important prevention strategy is to remove any standing water from your vehicle. Your car has multiple layers of paint and primer to protect it from moisture, but it isn’t designed for standing water. Pooled water near your doors, hood, trunk or other areas can quickly lead to rust.

Inspect your vehicle after a rainstorm. Look for signs of gathering water and find out how to safely drain these areas. Don’t let a leaking trunk or pooling truck bed create large areas of rust.

Cover Your Vehicle

Store your vehicle safely and prevent rust while it’s parked. Whether you’re storing your vehicle in your garage or outdoors, a car cover is an excellent investment. When properly fitted, a car cover keeps out unwanted moisture while still allowing your vehicle to breathe.

Carefully select a cover based on your vehicle’s make and model and your storage situation. Many outdoor covers aren’t designed for long-term use, so carefully review all the available covers and tarps to find the ideal option to prevent rust.

Learn More About Rust Prevention Products

Invest in the right maintenance steps and products to extend the lifetime of your vehicle. Shop online to learn more about how to prevent rust after a flood and how to choose the best products for your vehicle. Tackle any rust prevention or removal project with confidence thanks to leading rust prevention products.

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