Eye for Design: Four Things Skilled Interior Designers Do

Interior Designers

“The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.” –Author Unknown

Interior design is an integral aspect in home decorating that is pivotal in injecting character into one’s homes. Of course, if you wish to give your home some personality, it certainly pays to decorate it according to your tastes and preferences. Unfortunately, while design should largely be dependent on what we like, it does not always translate well into our homes and more often than not, we end up with an unsightly visual mess. To prevent this, we usually avail of the services of a professional trained in the field—an interior designer or decorator if you may who would happily transform the interiors of our homes the way we wish it to look.

Interior Designers

However, in these days, it seems like almost everyone is claiming to be a decorator or an interior designer. With this in mind, how do you determine which of these individuals can help you with your endeavor? What makes them different from the rest? Well, whether they may be working on condo for sale in manila or a residential flat, they will universally do these things below:


  • They identify and respond to design opportunities

A good interior designer does not rigidly stick to the blue print, plan, moodboard or brief. He or she is flexible enough to adapt to any situation. Just because an element or material is decided upon does not mean they would already fail to see opportunities for design cropping up everywhere. Good designers do not have an inherent persistence to sticking to the plan—especially when there is a better avenue for creative expression. After all, more often than not the best tack would be just to change the plan and take it as it is. Good designers seize every opportunity just as they would seize the day.

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  • They have an eye for the bigger picture but would focus on the details just as much

While nailing down how the entire room should look when it is finished, design is really about understanding and addressing a problem or a goal that one wishes to accomplish. After that, it is a series of trial and error applications of design and then refining the options you have come up with in an effort to find the best one. A good interior designer does not get lost in the idea of perfection but instead would balance out the detail while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. Lastly, they would always try to keep their client’s wishes in mind.


  • They would not always go with a client’s design if it is not necessarily good for the room

Sure, your interior decorator would sit down with you and try to figure out what it is you want out of this designing endeavor. While they are doing that, they would not lose sight of what it is you need. If you are a couple, they will negotiate your idea and your partner’s to ensure that all design elements are in perfect cohesion. Other times, when a design brief does not really fit the overall aspect of a room, they set it aside and do what is good for the space, room and overall house. Even if it means respectfully telling the client that his or her design brief is not exactly the best idea for the space.


  • They make you believe in your designing capabilities—even more so than you would have been without their help
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While interior designers are first and foremost, decorators, they can also be considered part motivational coach in one way or another. In this regard, they constantly encourage their clients to question conventional thinking when it comes to design and decor. After all, perfection is overrated and the goal is not perfection but to come up with a personal space that is ideal for the way you live. Design is not always about emulating what you have seen in magazine spreads and Pinterest. Sometimes, it is knowing what resonates with you and your way of life.

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