Few Different Commercial Cleaning Services Commonly Available On the Market

Common Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Businesses nowadays have noticed the importance of a clean and safe environment for both customers and employees to continue a good consumer experience. Some businesses choose to disinfect and clean their own facility but many have outsourced to a trusted commercial cleaning company


Before hiring a commercial cleaning company, you will need to figure out what type of maintenance needs cleaning and if the company caters towards your facility. Luckily, there are companies like Enviro-Master Services of Bay Area who cater their services towards all types of facilities like school, stadiums churches, commercial cleaning services, childcare, restaurants and more.

We have provided a list of services available in the market.

  1. Standard maintenance

General maintenance includes regularly cleaning common area and removing trash. This type is the most commonly used service for all facilities because it helps keep the building looking and feeling neat.

  1. Floor Maintenance

Floors get the dirtiest from shoes and spills, so having floor maintenance can keep your business tidy. Whether you have hard floors or carpets, you will find yourself in need of services that sweep, polish, vaccum, or mop your floors.

  1. Disinfection

All types of stablishments like clinics, restaurants, schools, offices and chemical plants need special sanitation requirement. This kind of service can help them to avoid contamination issues, kill harmful bacteria, and ensure extra safety for your employees and customers.

  1. Graffiti removal

Graffiti may often reduce the value of any property if someone is trying to sell it. This is usually a very tough job and you can get professional service for such activities.

  1. Property maintenance
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Many commercial spaces need a particular type of upkeep. In case of offices, it could be computers and ACs while in restaurants, it could be the gas range, dishwasher, etc.

  1. Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a very special kind of cleaning service and you will find plenty of professional carpet cleaning service providers in the market.

  1. Window cleaning

Although window cleaning appears very simple, to get them professionally cleaned you will need various detergents too for washing and wiping them. You may also need suitable tools and equipment.

  1. Event preparation

If you are planning to organize an event then you need to ensure that it is free from faulty lights, damaged ceiling, grimy floors, etc..

  1. Post-construction cleanup

Usually, the construction company does the cleaning after completing the construction work. If you need a better cleaning then you can get a professional service for that.

  1. Power washing

You need to ensure that your driveway and pathway are fully clean and hence need a power washing service. This service will also be needed for deck maintenance.

  1. Electrostatic Disinfection Services

You need to disinfect any surface by using an electrostatic treatment so that you can remain safe against bacteria and germs.

  1. Bathroom Cleaning Services

These days, it is important to restore commercial restrooms to protect them from various common viruses.

  1. Hand hygiene program

Also, you need to keep your hands clean by using complete products and services to maintain your hand sanitizing.

  1. Paper management program

You can also resolve your inventory problems and maintain your office with such a commercial paper management program.

  1. Move-in/out cleaning
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If you are planning to move in or out of your office or residence then this service will be very useful to you.

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