Five Steps To The Best Water Tank Cleaning Methods

Among the basic necessities of life, water assumes a prime place in your daily activities. Gone are the days, your ancestors used to wash clothes in the lakes, and drink pure water from ponds and wells. Now, with the growth of cities such as Hyderabad and the increase in population, humankind has saved water in a different storage method in homes. The watertank. In recent times, thatched houses have given rise to apartments. Since water tanks are an important part of the home, in this article, we will focus on the best methods for watertank cleaning in Hyderabad.

watertank cleaning Hyderabad

Water from overhead tanks are used for different purposes such as washing, drinking and cooking. To ensure proper health of the family members, it is mandatory that the watertank should be kept clean and tidy. Agreed, you have installed water purifiers in the home, you always drink boiled water – but it is vital to think about the watertank as well. If you are staying in your own home in Hyderabad, then reading the content will give you information to take care of your watertank or underground sump the easy way.

In this article about watertank cleaning Hyderabad, information is given on cleaning the storage platform in five steps. Doing a DIY is a good job, but remember hiring a professional cleaning service ensures of perfection.

But if you have a small water tank, of let us say, 500 litres, you can easily clean the tank by the DIY method. You require these tools –

  • Hard Brush
  • You need to generate water with great force. Check if you can use the garden hose.
  • Detergent soap ( a normal soap and laundry powder will suffice)

watertank cleaning Hyderabad

Before The Cleaning

Ensure before starting the cleaning process, you should clean the exterior and surrounding of the tank. Also take care of the tools (brush and hose). They should also be clean. It is no use making use of a corrosive jet pipe to sprinkle water in the tank.

  1. Make The Tank Empty

The water stored in the tank should be taken out. It is better not to waste the water, a precious commodity. So use it for household chores. In case of underground sump, you can make use of the sludge sump.

  1. Scrub The Tank

The water tank is empty. Now, clean the walls and floors by the scrubbing process. You can remove the dirt, fungus, stains and sediments via this method. However, ensure you devote some time to the process. Also take care of your health by wearing a mask.

Then the walls of the tank has to be cleanly washed with water. For effective cleaning, it is better to use a high pressure water source.

  1. Vacuum Cleaning

The walls can be scrubbed, but how about the floor of the tank? Spraying the water will enable the dirt and sediment to be collected on the floor. So the scrubbing has to be done perfectly. It is better if you can make use of a vacuum cleaner.

  1. Disinfection

For a small tank, you can always use liquid bleach or anti-bacterial spray. The tank should be free of germs. You can also make the water having the anti-bacterial spray to run through the pipes for complete purification. Ensure that the pipes are also cleaned. The water has to come to your house via the same path.

  1. Then Empty the Tank Once Again

Now the water in the tank can be made empty. Let it become dry. You can now refill the tank, and it is ready for use.


You have to dedicate at least four to six hours for the watertank cleaning, but please note that it is time well-spent for the well-being of your family. For a small watertank, DIY cleaning is okay, but for a larger watertank, it is mandatory that you opt for professional cleaning services. Do you need the best watertank cleaning companies in Hyderabad? It is easy. As per the recent business trend, companies offering doorstep services are making an impact. There are many companies in Hyderabad which have reputed watertank cleaning service vendors in their customer care list. You can down the company app, and then book a service as per your convenience. You will get a call from the concerned vendor to discuss the requirement. On the scheduled day and time, the company will send the watertank cleaning team with the required equipment to clean the tank. Note – There will be no hidden charges in bill.

You do not have to compromise the health of your family just because of a watertank. Opt for the best professional watertank cleaning service and make your family stay in the best of health. Good Luck!!!

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