How food helps to exercises for maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Do you want to die so early? I know you don’t. Then live a healthy life. No one wants to die at their early age but they don’t follow the right thing that can make them long life. There is only one key on which your early death and long life depend. This is your lifestyle. If you can maintain a healthy lifestyle then you will stay healthy. But if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle then you will live Unhealthy. We can reduce 40% of early US people’s death by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

So, the healthy lifestyle is not only having healthy foods. Foods are just the supplement. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, we have to add exercises in our daily routine to work out the healthy food. With the combination of both daily exercises and healthy food, we can enjoy the benefit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Let’s jump into the main discussion. Here I will give you some tips on Things to do to be fit and healthy.

Drink water before you do anything:

Even if you are doing exercises and consuming healthy food if you don’t drink enough water that your body needs, then your workout and foods will not respond to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. According to the guardian news, more than 2000 people died from dehydration. Though dehydration is not only the main reason to cause death. People die of dehydration. Because when our body contains less water than the percentage it should be. Then This affects to another organ like the kidney. And one of the main reason for kidney damaging is drinking less water than our body needs.

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So, start your day with at least two glasses of fresh water in case you forget to drink enough water for the rest of the day. Some people drink four glasses of water after the wake up from sleep in the morning. But this is not for all. If someone doing gym he or she consumes more protein than a normal person. And When you consume more protein your body needs more water to absorb the protein. That’s why they drink more water than an average person.

The statistic shows that a person should drink 3 liters of water every day. But everyone can drink this much water. Some people drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day because they feel good of this much. So, water consumption should depend on how our body responses for consuming a certain amount of water.

Eat less carbohydrate:

Carbohydrate contains in both junk foods and healthy foods. But when we add more carbohydrate like rice and bread in our healthy food menu it becomes unhealthy. We should consume fewer carbohydrate foods than other types of nutritious food. For instance, if we take 100 grams of proteins 30 gram of fats in a day then we should not take more than 200 grams of Carbs. If we add more carb to our meal than this amount it will not be a healthy diet.

Another secret that everyone doesn’t know is, having carb before 3 hours of sleep will make you fat. Because carb is the source of complex food that requires more time to be digested. So, when we sleep immediately after having carbs our body can’t digest it in a slow process. And people who are having the digestive problem they become fat. So, to avoid this problem take your dinner before 3 hours of your sleep.

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Even you take your food early evening still you will be fat. Because a certain number of calories stays in your body though you are passing an active day. Active day means doing anything like cycling, running longboard for daily commuting or doing heavy work at working place. So, to burn this extra calorie after passing active day you have to do exercises. Basically, to stay healthy we have to burn the exact number of calories that the amount we consume daily.

Do morning exercises:

Many people prefer to do evening exercise. Their point is, if we do exercise in the evening then it will be effective for both fat loss or muscle gain. Because we consume our meal whole the day so we have to burn it immediately after having the meal. But if we look into the digestion process then it will be clear why we should do exercises in the morning.

Normally after 5 to 6 hours of having meal our stomach digests the food that we consumed. So, we actually burn calories that already being digested in our body, not the calories that in the digestion process. So, when we sleep at night our body digest all the food but in evening we still consuming our food. Therefore, it is clear that we should do exercises when the food already is digested not at the time when the food at the digestion process.

Start doing strength workout:

Only doing morning exercises is not enough to be fit. We all want some muscle in our chest and arms. Running or doing active exercises will only reduce your body fat simultaneously it will drop your muscles too. So, to look good you should also add some strength exercises. You can do gym exercises or body-weight exercises that will give you a good shape.

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Don’t destroy your calories:
Calories are not only meant to be burned. We burn calories to reduce our body weight. But our calories also help to grow muscle. As I said do some strength workout, so if you do strength workout then you will be able to make your food as a supplement for the body. If you see a marathon runner who only runs for miles they got no muscles. Because they are always destroying their utilizable calories. But when you see a ripped and aesthetic guy who is in good shape. he Is utilizing the utilizable calories.
So besides burning calories, your goal should be also to utilize the good calories like protein healthy fat carbs.

So, now you can understand how our food helps to the exercises that make the key to maintaining the healthy lifestyle. So, to live healthy start consuming healthy food and do exercises to work out the food properly.

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