Forensic Movie Review – A Refreshing Thriller for Hindi Audience

Forensic Movie Review

Forensic Movie Review: Forensic is a crime thriller directly by Vishal Furia. Vikrant Massey comes in the lead role of this movie as a forensic expert. It’s a remake of ”Forensic Malayalam”2020. If you are a fan of crime thriller movies, then it’ll ensure the best experience.

The extreme story level with some ideal characters makes this movie live. As a forensic expert, Vikrant Massey likes collecting all the crime evidence. All this evidence brings the best ever-presence and turning point of this film.

This movie comes with appreciable cinematography, ensuring all the ideal experiences of watching thriller movies right here. All the portions of the story and characters of this movie make sense while experiencing all the parts of this movie.

Forensic Movie Review: Story Behind Forensic Movie

Forensic comes with a mysterious storyline of a serial killer in a sleepy hill station. Megha Sharma (Radhika Apte) is a sub-inspector in Mussoorie. She lives there with her mother and Aanya (Harbandana Kaur). Aanya is the daughter of Mehga’s sister’s disease.

Megha blamed Abhay for those deaths. She forcibly took Aanya with her. This enhanced Abhay’s pressure, and he became depressed. Megha additionally broke up with Johnny Khanna (Vikrant Massey), Abhay’s brother, after this incident. On an existing day, a younger girl, Jennifer, is going lacking on her birthday from her school.

Her dead body is innovative in the coming day. Megha is given the charge of handling it over her rival, Ved Mathur (Subrata Dutta), as the SHO believes she can take the case sensitively. The SHO also informs her that Johnny Kr Khanna will be conducting forensic examinations. Megha isn’t happy with her developments but agrees with the decision, nonetheless. Johnny goes all out in collecting vital information from Jennifer’s clothes, crime scene, etc. While the treatise is underway, Aditi (Shraddha Bhatt), another girl, goes missing on her birthday.

After checking all the blood samples, this was known the killer was 10-12 years of a child. With the help of an eyewitness, the picture of that child was prepared and spread across Mussoorie. Finally, that suspected killer was found, and the whole of Mussoorie got relief. But, the next day, another girl got kidnapped, that was Aanya; what happened next! This is the story of this film.

Forensic Movie Review: Forensic Hindi Release Date and Our Ratings

  • Forensic Hindi Release Date: 24th June 2022
  • Genres: Thriller, Crime
  • Our Ratings: 3.5/5
  • Trailer: Impressive, best for thriller movie lovers,
  • Average Score: 85% Positive
  • Time or Duration: 2hrs 14 Minutes
  • Director: Vishal Fauria
  • Producers: Mansi Bagla, Varun Bagla
  • Production: Mini Films

Forensic Hindi Review by Times of India

Ratings: 3.5/5

Forensic features Radhika and Vikrant in the prominent role. Vikrant has played a significant role as a forensic expert. His acting skill makes this movie unique to all spectators. The appearance of this movie makes sense with the best thrilling storyline.

With thrilling sense, it also comes with some funny one-liners, making sense and delivering a decent experience while watching this movie. The overall things and features ensure the value of time for all audiences.

All the clever tricks and realistic appearance of all the scenes will make sense while watching this movie. The sound and background music of this movie in the climax situation could be better. All these things bring a massive drawback to this movie which should be corrected out. So, you should go with this, if you want the best experience of watching movies.

Forensic Movie Review: Review by The Indian Express

Ratings: 2/5

The relationship between the characters is not that much impressive. The original version of this file which was made in Malayalam, comes with a decent accent of this movie. That comes with all the realistic, thrilling presence. This Hindi remake version could not justify that Malayalam version significantly.

Overall, it’s an ordinary film with not those impressive acting skills. The Hindi version comes with some overacting and leaves the movie juice behind all the sequels. The artist selection could be better than these artists. So, the producers and director should work on this.

So, this is a solid negative point of this film. It could be better; if you like to get the best acting presence, then the Malayalam version will ensure the best ever-presence of acting. In this way, it’ll provide an ideal experience for sure.

Review by News18

Ratings: 3.5/5

The plot of this movie could be better, which will ensure the best acting efficiency. All the artists are pretty impressive, which provides the best technical things. In case you like to get all rated technical things that ensure the best appearance.

All the ticking facilities will ensure the best experience. It has all the comic complexes, which will help you get the best technical appearance. So, you can get all the significant review.

If you like to have all the responsive crime grippers will ensure the best properties. If you want to get all the best experiences, then you can indeed watch this movie.

Review By: Scroll


Forensic is a super significant remake of the Malayalam version. All the characters and vision of this game will help you get the ideal experience. If you like to get all the productive things, you should watch this movie.

A gruesome crime, shocking plot turns, fleet pacing. All the aspect contains all the twist which ensure the best technical things. This will help you get an ideal technical presentation while watching it.

Forensic Hindi Zee5 Cast

  • Johnny Khanna
  • Vikrant Massey
  • Mega Sharma
  • Radhika Apte
  • Dr. Ranjana
  • Prachi Desai

Exploring Music and Other Departments

Adrija Gupta’s background music is quite fascinating that helps in getting the supreme quality plot or characters. It rarely matches notes with the gravity, or lack thereof, of the screen proceeding over here.

All quicker assents will ensure the best ever-presence will help you get all the ideal things while exploring this movie.


No Highlights!


Everything in this movie has its drawbacks, from the Forensic Movie cast selections to others that could be better.

Closing Opinion

I hope you have liked this Forensic Hindi Review; this movie’s overall storyline and scenario will ensure the rated beauty of watching content. If you are a real film lover and like to watch all the trendy and newly released films, then this movie will impress you.

Though, this movie has some drawbacks that would deal with subsequent growth. This thing is quite important to follow up on. If you like a fantastic view of getting a classy experience of watching movies, then explore this thriller.

The climax scene of this movie is quite impressive, ensuring an ideal experience. We have provided you with the best idea for this movie through this article!

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