Four Steps to Ensure that a Mobile Application Will Make Money for a Developer

React Native development India delivers effective services

2017 was a phenomenal year for application development. Many organizations have realized that mobile apps no longer are an optional investment, but a necessity. Mobile is the best way to meet customer demands and of course boots sales.

The mobile app market is dominated by Google apps, lifestyle, social media and gaming applications. Big organizations, such as banks, retailers, hospitality and more are using mobile apps for branding, boosting customer engagement, while small and medium businesses are also following the mobile trend and building their own applications. Furthermore, there are also emerging new mobile application development systems that are becoming more and more popular these days, including React Native. React Native development India delivers effective services to customers far and wide.

React Native development India delivers effective services

React native is a framework of JavaScript used to write, true, rendering natively mobile applications for both Android and iOS. The demand for React native development services is on the rise at present. React native developers India develop robust mobile app solutions for any business, big or small and across various vertical standards.

React Native is a JavaScript framework for writing real, natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android. It’s derived from React JS, Facebook’s JavaScript library for building user interfaces, targeting mobile platforms instead of browser. Easy platform sharing and simultaneous development for both Android and iOS make it more preferable to develop platform independent robust mobile application solution for any business.


As there is a rise in mobile app platforms, such as the React Native, and the demand for a React native designer, there is also an avalanche of mobile applications. The choices are overwhelming. With more than three million applications available on the App Store and over 90 of the top 100 brands launching at least a single mobile application, that is a lot of competition. For a mobile app developer, making sure that the app cuts through all the noise is just half of the battle. In the quest to be notice, downloaded and reviewed in a positive way, it’s easy to forget the point of making an application in the first place. Before a developer gets caught up in designing the user interface, make sure to ask if the app is going to make a profit. Sixty percent of all iOS applications fail to make money for developers. But even if the app is free, there are a lot of ways to monetize the work.

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  1. Is there a market for the App? Before taking the plunge and release the mobile application to the general public, have a grasp of who and where potential downloads would come from and customize the app to their needs. Doing market research is critical to determine the key demographics for the app and understand the existing pain points of the industry, to be able to offer innovative solutions. Determining how the product could simply everyday things, boost user productivity or make experience more fun or interesting could go a long way in the success of the launch.
  2. Create a Fan base before monetizing. A wonderful way to ensure that there is a target market for the service or product is through building a fan base before monetizing. Simply start by making customer lists that could be expanded when marketing the application. Family, friends and fans are a great place to begin. As the lists grow, segment the lists to target the marketing efforts particularly to every group. For instance, it may be worthwhile to send a different message to family and friends than to new users or industry contacts. Capsure, a mobile app for sharing personal moments in private enable users to build groups and share specific information only with selected people. Thus, there is no need to worry about the boss reading about one’s day off or baby spamming single friends. The app lets new users to test drive the application before offering additional features, together with paid plans.
  3. Listen to the audience. It is key to analyze audience feedback and know that the app should change with audience recommendations. TIZE is an application that allows users to make and arrange professional quality music on their phone. Users could import samples from their music library or compose songs with the use of keyboards and drum pads built into the app.
  4. Simplify technology to make it easy for consumers. If the UX isn’t simplified, a user will not stick around for long. Ninety percent of applications are used only once and then deleted, with just sixteen percent of users who are willing to give the application a second try. This means that it is important to smooth out any flaws and to test for possible bugs before the app is launched.
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Whether monetizing via subscriptions and in-app purchases or using the app as another channel to communicate with consumers, the goal is to ensure a return on investment. From walking through choices when it comes to monetization models, from paid, to free, to blended methods, and ensure that the app adds time-savings value to users, to taking into consideration reward options and loyalty motivating, there are many things to take into account before moving forward with the process of development. The bottom line is a seamless integration of monetization strategy with the purpose and functionality of the app.

For a mobile app developer, before jumping on the application bandwagon, make sure to keep the end goal in mind. If the application does not make money, it will cost money. Thus, make certain that there is a market for the application, and that the user experience is flawless and that one could monetize once the loyal fan base is built. The app should be improving continuously as one receives feedback, thus utilize the invaluable information from the users to one’s advantage to keep from operating out of the red.

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