Fruit Acid Scrubs for a Glowing Skin

Fruit Acid Scrubs for a Glowing Skin

Fruit is healthy – that’s well known. However, a part of the fruit is not only important for the supply of nutrients, but also has a crucial importance for the skin: we are talking about the fruit acids that people have been using for centuries for the firmness of their epidermis (epidermis). A proven method to reduce small wrinkles, to improve the texture of the skin and to give it freshness, is the fruit acid peeling. In addition to the cosmetic application, fruit acid peeling is also used in acne therapy.

Fruit Acid Scrubs for a Glowing Skin

What are fruit acids?

By fruit acids the food chemist understands a certain type of Hydroxy carboxylic acids and di carboxylic acids. These are natural acids found in fruits, but also in milk and almonds. This group also includes salicylic acid, which forms certain types of wheat in its bark. Its antiseptic (anti-seizure) and anti-inflammatory effect is used in fruit acid peeling.

Fruit acids play an important role in human metabolism, for example in cell renewal. They determine the taste of fruit with the fructose. When exfoliating different acids are usually mixed. The treating person adjusts the preparation individually to the skin condition of the patient.

Fruit acid scrubs: good for many skin pictures

As an effective therapy, cosmetics and dermatology use the fruit acid peeling in numerous different skin conditions:

  • Acne, acne scars
  • Other skin scars
  • Impure, coarse-pored skin (pimples and blackheads)
  • Pigment spots, pigmentation disorders
  • keratinization
  • Age wrinkles
  • Pale complexion
  • Dry skin
  • Sun damaged skin

The skin benefits from a number of positive effects: the dead skin cells are removed and the top layer of the horn is thinned, which promotes wrinkle reduction. The peeling with fruit acid stimulates the skin renewal and strengthens the acid mantle. An irregular pigmentation is adjusted.

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This is how the therapist works with the fruit acid peeling

Before the actual treatment, the beautician or the doctor applies a slightly acidic cream. Thus, the skin is carefully prepared for contact with the actual acid and lowered the pH of its surface. On the day of the actual treatment, you must not wear make-up . Your skin is thoroughly degreased and cleansed.

The fruit acid peeling is applied on the face, if necessary on the. The exposure time is, depending on the mixture, skin problem and indication one to seven minutes. The number of required sessions also depends on the appearance of the skin: in most cases, six to ten treatments are scheduled over a period of one month.

At the end of each session, the acid is neutralized. In case of an acne problem, an acne treatment is recommended afterwards; the removal of the blackheads is easier due to the wide-open pores than the untreated skin.

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Risks and side effects: You should pay attention to the fruit acid peeling

Important: Treatment with fruit acid is unsuitable for people who are prone to intolerance and allergies to these acids. If the question of tolerability cannot be clarified clearly, for safety’s sake an insensitive lot like the forehead should be treated first. Patients suffering from coupe rose (a plant-related vascular dilation with erythematic) are also excluded from the treatment, as fruit acid peeling promotes blood circulation. Although the term “fruit acid” sounds harmless and healthy, do not forget that the exfoliate is a potent acid mixture. If it works too long, the acid can cause chemical burns and pigmentation.

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Protect your skin from direct sunlight after treatment. If you start your summer sessions, be sure to apply a SPF 50 sunscreen. For this reason, winter is also the more suitable season for the treatment with a fruit acid peeling.

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