Funny Christmas Books You Should Check Out This Holiday Season

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Holidays are the best time to spend with family members and loved ones. However, many people like to take this time to read new books and learn new things. If you’re struggling to determine what to add to your Christmas reading list this year, here are some books you should check out. 

Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris

If you’re someone who likes to stay entertained with a bunch of different stories with diverse plots, you’re in for a treat. Our number-one holiday read this year is Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris. The Economist refers to David as one of the funniest authors alive, and rightly so. Holidays on Ice is an exceptional collection of holiday stories that recently had six more exciting tales added to it.


In this collection of holiday stories, David Sedaris has seamlessly included a wide range of plots with incredibly relatable characters in each story. For instance, in Us and Them, you’ll see how two very competitive families embark on their journey to be the best Christmas decorators in town, and what the trick-or-treaters in their town experience throughout the holidays.


Similarly, if you read Jesus Shaves within this collection, we’re sure you won’t stop laughing at the main character’s efforts to explain what an Easter Bunny is to the French. Let It Snow is the classic story of a boy’s time outside when he’s locked out in a snowstorm during the holidays.

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Sedaris also takes his collection of stories as an opportunity to share a story about explaining the confusing Christmas trends and traditions to unfamiliar nations worldwide in Six to Eight Black Men. He also provides readers with a written view of what most hospitals and medical practitioners experience during Halloween in The Monster Mash

‘You Better Not Cry: Stories for Christmas’ by Augusten Burroughs

Not everyone is a fan of the holidays and all the traditions that come with them. Some people are just better off without singing the Christmas carols or decorating their Christmas tree every year. If you’re an introvert who isn’t as excited about the holidays as everyone else, this book is just what you need to read.


You Better Not Cry serves as a memoir by Augusten Burroughs, in which he explains his experience of questioning the concept of Christmas, what it means, and why it’s celebrated. The plot of this book revolves around his childhood, where he not only feels puzzled by the meaning of Christmas but also sees how the holidays bring out the worst in him.


If you’ve read Augusten Burroughs before, you’ll know how he has his way of turning any tragedy into a tale of humor. He does the same in You Better Not Cry. He uses metaphors and sarcasm to describe how the holidays become incredibly difficult for him to survive.


The USA Today describes this book as one of the funniest modern books of the 21st century that serves as the voice of many people who hate the holidays.

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‘A Christmas Blizzard’ by Garrison Keillor

If you’re a reader who gets entertained by drama and plot twists, this book is for you. Similar to the previous book, the plot of this story also revolves around the idea of hating the holidays. The protagonist of A Christmas Blizzard is James Sparrow, who prefers to spend the holidays in Hawaii to avoid Christmas and all the dreadful memories that come with it. 

However, his wife doesn’t seem to agree with him and likes to make the most out of the holidays by celebrating in any way she can. Surprisingly, James is suddenly forced to fly to Looseleaf during the holidays to see his dying uncle. That’s where he truly gets to experience the true essence of Christmas.

Other characters such as an FBI agent, Christmas carol singers, a ghost, and his uncle make the story all the more interesting for readers.

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Skipping Christmas by John Grisham

If you get excited about Christmas and the holidays every year, you might not want to imagine what this book has in store for you. Skipping Christmas is some people’s dream while other people’s nightmare, depending on how they feel about the occasion.

This is a story of two protagonists, who are a couple. They decide to skip Christmas for one year. As a result, they don’t decorate their house, cancel all their plans, don’t host their Christmas Eve dinner, and won’t even get a tree.

However, avoiding Christmas isn’t as easy for them as they think. The story is about the consequences the couple face as they continue to skip Christmas.

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An American Walkabout by Reid Champagne

Sometimes there’s nothing better than reading about someone else’s past experiences and living through their eyes. If you’re someone who likes to read unique stories and memoirs with a touch of humor and sarcasm, this book is for you.

It’s written by a leading humorist and American author, who describes his travels to Europe in the 1970s. The book details everything he learned about life, love, and the importance of observation during his time in Europe.

An American Walkabout isn’t only appealing to people who have traveled before, but also serves as an excellent guide for people who plan to travel in the future.

If you’re as excited about your holiday reading spree as we are, you may be wondering where to read the best funny stories from. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration to write funny stories or get a good laugh by reading some of the best humorist writers, you can always count on Reid Champagne’s blog. 

He’s one of the most incredible and renowned writers of funny articles online, and can easily be regarded as one of the 50 funniest American writers. His blog consists of his experiences, including the relationship between him and his wife, his travels, the food he tries, and more. Don’t forget to check out his famous relationship humor, humorous travel writing, travel humor books, road trip humor by clicking here or contact him to learn more today!

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