Future of Marketing Agencies and How It Helps In Personal Branding

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“Personal branding is an essential part of marketing, but with changing marketing dynamics, it is now a different way to promote brands. Marketing agencies are now giving more emphasis on digital media, mostly because of competitiveness in the market as well as low budget. There are many strategies to adapt to and use branding as a part of digital marketing.”

The dynamics of marketing is changing fast; pessimists feel the future is unclear, optimists think the future is immensely bright. One thing is definitely clear: Things are changing fast almost at an exponential scale. The hackneyed marketing techniques are less relevant in today’s scenario; mostly at the execution level things have changed a lot. A good marketing agency understands the intricacies of today’s marketing and thus changing their functionality according to the current situation.

The digital channel has taken a significant space of old physical marketing techniques. Many companies have evolved to adapt to new changes. Nevertheless, the old channels like television, print, radio and others are still relevant, but the cost cutting attitude and rising competitiveness force agencies to adopt digital age. Earlier a PR agency in New York could have done a lot more with outsourcing work but now despite the cost, agencies want permanent staff in place, especially to promote personal branding. Social media compel brands to interact with consumers on a personal level, so agencies depend on traditional marketing ideas that involve a general marketing penetration of products and brands.

Development of new attributes for marketing agencies

The spirit of the time forces agencies to focus on strategies that are flexible, iterate, and bend according to circumstances. Many marketers are still driven by the traditional methods of creating strategies for brands on seasonal initiatives. Model of leanness makes agencies to work in a more flexible and sensitive way according to the budget allocated for promotion of a brand.

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Content utilization

The development of content is perhaps the most revolutionary step in the promotion of a brand. With the rise of digital penetration, content is prepared according to different social channels. Moreover, the content is more focused on utility rather than marketing message. Content utility is defined as a content that can utilize by consumers on their own accord to create value to their lives. So, marketing messages are now a perfect amalgamation of marketing rhetoric and utility quotient that consumers really can hold it. A good advertising agency understands the value and creates content based on utilization.

Personal branding in digital age to achieve success

There are many new strategies in the digital age to supercharge personal branding. The traditional methods are still relevant, and in many cases are the only way to create a brand identity, but to establish a brand on a digital platform, marketing strategies need to be different.

Publish relevant content in digital media

The most general but most significant tip is to create valuable content on the digital platforms. For example, create e-books, short videos; publish photographs in many digital photography sites to build credibility. If the budget is low, the online content building is a great way, but if there is a sufficient budget, then agencies need to work on both physical and online media simultaneously for branding uniformity.

Create own image

Random social media posts lead to nowhere. First, make a database of your target group and strategy to address them. The most significant step is to create a story to tell like any drama series the brand promotion strategy must have drama, surprise, suspense, a form of resolution and character development. You can’t just create your brand by dissipating random information. Remember personal branding is never about you, it is about people around you, their stories and how that stuff relates to your brand.

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Speak everywhere about your brand

Nothing is more effective than promoting your brand through education matter. People listen to when things are interesting and non-promotional in nature, so speak about stuff in webinars, create an online conference, hangouts and attend trade fairs. Try a simple communication technique to approach your crowd, and reach out to them. It is also important to publish reports and testimonials on digital platforms and your website.

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Michael Wainscott is a professional digital marketer working as a consultant with PR agency in New York. He has specialized in social media promotion and experienced in an advertising agency promoting the brand on different social platforms.

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