Gem Therapy: The Properties of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Properties

As its name indicates, it is a pink stone, within the group of quartz, and is considered one of the most energetic stones that exist. Its meanings are: love, warmth and compassion. Much more information about gem therapy: the properties of rose quartz.

Meaning of rose quartz

All stones have their meaning, and rose quartz is no exception. It is related to everything that has to do with the heart and it is usual to place it under the pillow in the double bed to help face the problems and keep the couple happy. It is a translucent and slightly cloudy stone that can go from pale pink to intense pink.

Rose Quartz Properties

It is believed that this tone is the result of a combination of titanium, iron, impurities of colloidal gold and manganese. It is found mostly in Brazil, South Africa, the United States, Germany, Madagascar, Namibia, Sweden, Australia and India.

In addition, he has the ability to deal with feelings, not only of love, but also for pain. It is excellent to bring a rose quartz in your bag or somewhere in the house as a soothing. It can also help raise self-esteem and feel loved, to rejuvenate the skin and preserve beauty.

As for the signs of the zodiac, rose quartz is identified with Taurus and Libra. And its main chakra is the heart.

Healing properties of rose quartz

Being a stone related to the heart, it increases the benefits for this organ. It is ideal to improve blood circulation and avoid cardiovascular problems. Above all, rose quartz is used to calm people’s anxiety and stress. It should not be used as a medical treatment, but it helps in the healing process. It is also good for reducing high blood pressure.

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It is said that it is very good to be encouraged to adopt a more contemplative, more cheerful position in life and not take everything so seriously, that is, not to get upset in an exaggerated way or for a long period. Gives courage, heals traumatic emotions and emotional wounds. Restores harmony in relationships of family or couple, can reduce aggression, resentment and anger and allow forgiveness. It can also help to establish emotional connections, to express and experience love and friendship and to feel confident in oneself.

What is gem therapy?

Gem therapy is a relaxation technique that involves the application of a massage from the use of volcanic stones. It is a therapy that provides great health benefits, apart it is spreading and popularizing more and more, especially in tourist areas.

For the common people a gem or a crystal is just a stone or something nice to display as an ornament to enhance its beauty. But how far they are from knowing the real nature of a gem or crystal, as an energetic being and a source of cosmic light.

This massage with volcanic stones consists of alternating cold and hot stones placed on our body. The cold stones are made of marble; they are white and have a series of properties related to cold retention. The hot stones are volcanic basalt stones that retain heat well without causing burns on our skin.

In gemmotherapy treatments, the stones that are cooled and heated in water are alternated and then placed in the areas of the body where energy accumulates. They can be impregnated with aromatic oils so that the relaxation is complete.


It has several benefits, among them the stimulation of blood circulation and the metabolism of our cells. Stones have properties that allow maximum relaxation of muscles. Cold stones can calm certain irritations and stimulate the nervous system.

Gem therapy is an alternative therapy that is indicated for all types of people, especially for those who suffer from arthritis, stress, insomnia, varicose veins and cellulite. So if you have any of these problems or just need a good relaxation, gem therapy is an alternative therapy that can help you a lot.

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