Getting to know the upcoming events to be held in Bangalore

upcoming events

The city of Bangalore has lots to offer to its citizens, be it the native Kannada speaker or those who have come from other parts of the country to earn their living, to pursue their studies or to become a successful entrepreneur. There are numerous events that are held all over the city and in various forms to cater the different growing tastes of people of all ages, residing here.

Planning the events

Since there are various types of events held here in Bangalore city, one has to be very careful when making the selection. They should not make any choice in haste, which might mean wasting their precious time. They could be some busy housewife, entrepreneur or software developer and have very less time to pursue their hobbies or to get some entertainment. Hence, they should take out some time for checking out the popular sites and blogs that offers useful and valuable information on events in Bangalore today, which can help them to make a well informed choice. They can scour the details of the different events to be held and accordingly make a well timed and researched decision, so as to get thoroughly rejuvenated.

Some of the events to be held this October are as follows:

Event: Write Out Loud – Spoken Word Poetry

Organized by: Lahe Lahe

Date: Tuesday, 18th October, 2016

Time: 9.30 pm

Location: East Bangalore

Entry Fees: Rs.50 onwards

Details: As the name goes, it is held to help the audience to hear interesting sessions of poetry and to enjoy good company. People are sure to enjoy the poetry and have an amazing evening that they can boast about to their friends and colleagues.

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Event: Startups Club Demo Day, 2016

Organized by: Salma

Date: Saturday, 5th November, 2016

Time: 9.30 am

Location: Multiple Venues in Bangalore

Entry Fees: Rs.50 onwards

Details: Rs.1 Lakh prize money is awarded to the city wise winners while Rs.5 lakhs is offered to the Finale Winner. It was in 2013 that Demo Day got launched, with the objective being to reach out to the maximum number of investors across the country. The hunt is in 10 cities to get 10 semi-finalists.

Besides the above there are also various avenues present for people interested to get entertained and to participate in an event of their choice. Bangalore also hosts variety of interesting events like dramas, dance programs, debates, programs targeted at children or seniors or teens, exhibitions, design studios, adventure sports, drinks, diving lessons, acting lesions, yoga, therapies and massages, workshops for all ages, food festival, paintings, courses, cake baking lessons and the like.

As a matter of fact, what the person desires, he/she is sure to get them fulfilled without having to go anywhere else or having to spend a fortune. The reason is because, this city caters to almost every segment of the society, the different moods of people, their tastes, likings, interests and hobbies.

But it is only a careful selection that can help the person to make the most from the sessions.

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