Google AdWords Campaign for Beginners


  • A friend of mine was asking me just how I am succeeding with my Google advertisement while he was getting no results.
  • He had spent some money and got some clicks, but he complained that every time he entered his keywords, his ads didn’t show.
  • Have you checked with Google? I asked. They do have a monitoring policy (Sandbox) for ads where they let your ad run very low until they check and approve it. The approval depends on what you are promoting, your customers, your website page and whether you are proposing what you are publicizing. Actually there are many factors involved. Such factors are given below:Google AdWords Campaign for Beginners

Tips to remember:

  • Are you referring people to your home page where that big noisy music is heard with the nice looking but completely irrelevant flash animation thing with no skip button to relieve the poor and completely stunned first time visitor? Well, that could be one reason to get disapproved.
  • You have to narrow your ads to specifics and lead people to exactly the page were you offer what you have promoted. And make sure the next step is the data on how to buy or contact you. Advertisements like: Hay I’m here and here is my site with all the goodies you can buy, will most probably get you a big advertising bill with no sales.
  • Advertise one book. And make sure your landing page displays the information about the book and how to buy it.
  • And start low. Don’t go out spending too much per click. Start with ads that would cost you 20 to 30 rupees. Find keyword that doesn’t ask for too much. If they want too much, let them sit for now.
  • Key words should be repeated in the ad. That is one way to be appropriate. If you have new keywords that don’t relate to your ads language, just create a new ad group. Don’t create one campaign with huge amount of keywords. Create small collections of campaigns with few keywords in each and ads that relate to those keywords and similarly in each ad send the visitor to a page were you offer that specific service or product. Then use trial and error and test.
  • To your ads, always make small changes at a time and let the two ads run together and see which one performs better. Keep the better performing one and delete the other. Then create another ad with the next change and let the ads again run side by side until you know which one is better. Keep the good one and stop the other. This way, you keep growing steadily but surly.
  • Advertising on Google is an art and science. You have to be patient, innovative, and think the way a visitor would think. Put yourself in place of a visitor, somebody who wants to buy your product and ask yourself what would you have done?
  • And continue testing products to find niches in your business. And when you find that niche, then bring in the artilleries and good luck.
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Hence these are the tips for beginners who have just started AdWords. Although there are other things to keep in mind. To know more about AdWords or other Digital Marketing Stuffs then join Digital Marketing Institute Rohini as it is one of the best institutes known.

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