Google Ranking Gone? Diagnose The Problems And Amend Them Immediately

Google Ranking Gone? Diagnose The Problems And Amend Them Immediately

Google ranking is very much important to drive a flood of traffic to your website and to make yourself a hero in the cut-throat competition. Suppose, you already have a good position on the Google and you are getting great results from the same, but suddenly, something happened and your hard-earned ranking all gone wrong. Terrified – right? How could this have happened? More importantly, now what you can do to fix it, like before? First of all, stop panicking and relax! As there is no mean of crying over the spilled milk, so, instead of doing that rolled up your sleeves and keep yourself ready to find the problem and a solution to kick it away.

  • Terrible Website Design: Whether you accept the fact or not, but it’s the harsh reality that obsolete design of your website is one of the reasons why your website ranking suddenly drop. First impressions are important, to hold the visitor and to encourage their stay on it for a longer period and if you fail to attain that, forget about your audience, as you lose them forever. To fix the issue, keep the design of your website fresh and alive that works like a charm and help you get the results you’ve been expecting from it.
  • Check Your SEO Basics: Poor practice and lack of knowledge is another reason why your ranking suddenly drops. If you are investing your time and efforts in doing something, which is not as relevant as you think it is, so, it’s totally like teaching a nursery kid with the books of a higher class. In an order to fix the issue, you need to revise your strategy and plan accordingly, so, you’ll sail your boat in the right direction. You can take expert assistance if you are a novice and have no knowledge related to the process.
  • Watch Google Algorithm: Google – a search engine, updates its algorithm on a continuous basis and not revising your strategy accordingly is a reason, why your ranking drops badly. It’s a simple rule, if you want to be on the Google, you have to follow its rules and regulations and if you disobey them, so, you have to pay the penalty, which drags your ranking down. So, you should keep yourself updated with the changing trends to be always in the limelight.
  • Change The Stale Content: Content is the backbone of your website and plays a major role in the high ranking. If it is stale and not up-to-the-mark, so, it may fall down your ranking and disappoint the audience as well. To fix the problem, get out of your comfort zone and be ready to take your content to the very next level that not only helps you grab the attention of the audience, but also make it easier for search engines to index your website.
  • Mind The Mobile: Do you have a mobile-friendly website? Does it work properly, as it supposed to be? No, so, how you can even expect to see your name on the very first page of the Google? This is because, according to Google update, having a mobile-friendly website is important and if you don’t have the one, go and get it, as this is the only way you can regain your lost ranking.
  • Check Internal Linking: Poor and broken links are the main cause that has the ability to shake you from your maintained position, thus, you have to be very strict while making any decision or action related to it, so, it doesn’t backfire you. If you have any broken links on your website, make sure you remove or fix them post-haste. If your website has proper links then only it’ll be able to regain the ranking and win the competition.
  • Unpleasant User-Experience: A poor website has the ability to kill your ranking and hurt your audience, which is not good for your business at all. Thus, you have to make some major changes in your website or overall working to ensure that your audience will get best and unforgettable experience on your website. If your website serves the best experience to its user, so, it may increase their chances to get back to you.
  • Bad Hosting And Poor Loading Time: If you are hosting your website on a poor or unreliable server, so, it may not only kill your ranking, but also affect the page loading time, which takes your audience away from your website to your competitors. To prevent the situation and to ensure better ranking and customer loyalty to your website, make sure you invest in the right hosting that takes care of your website speed, as no one has a whole day to wait for your website to load.
  • Competitors: Just because you are in the very top position of the Google, doesn’t mean your ranking won’t drop. Your competitors are constantly making their moves to improve their efforts and to beat you. So, instead of resting at your top-position, you need to make constant efforts, as it may help you maintain your position on the Google. Don’t take your competitors for granted and make your moves accordingly and more importantly, constantly.
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Wrap It Up

If your website is experiencing the poor ranking, so it’s time to wake up and get back in your form, before time flies and your competitors will take your customers away. Keep your eyes always on the changing trends and alter your move accordingly to maintain your unshakeable position on the very first page of the Google. If you think, you don’t have enough time to invest in it, do hire an SEO Company around you, as investing in an expert is better than making wrong moves that might affect your brand image in front of your clients. Are you still waiting, but why and what for? Get up and revise your strategies to regain your top position, as it is a better option than crying over your already gone ranking. All the above points are very easy to understand and help you deal with your dropped ranking, so, take them into consideration before planning or moving ahead.

Author Note – I am Gunjan Singh, the founder and director of Web Click India – a well known SEO company. I believe sharing knowledge always leads to a better ecosystem that benefits you ultimately. I write about topics like web designing, web development, SEO and digital marketing.

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