Gorgeous Homemade Ornaments for Christmas – At Almost NO Cost

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As Christmas gets closer, we all get excited about the decoration of our place along with making the most gorgeous Christmas tree ever by decorating it with multiple colorful ornaments and sharing love and laughter along with our family. Online Portal is going to make sure that this beautiful wish of having a perfect decoration goes without even making you worry about the budget.

Gorgeous Homemade Ornaments for Christmas – At Almost NO Cost

Make your kids help you to create homemade ornaments, this is going to be sentimental. Have some fun with the ideas of shoppingthoughts.com

Paper Stars made out of Book Pages

Get your old books out because it’s time to recycle. These décor items will give an amazing look, because book pages are itself a beauty. Make stars out of these pages and decorate your jars or, your doors with it. It’s going to look sparky!

Light Bulb Ornaments

Recycle the old and fused bulbs into a gorgeous ornament. Collect some glitter, glue and a beautiful ribbon to use as a hanging band. Roll your bulb into the glitter glue and there, a sparking and glittery ornament is right in your hand.

Rustic Twig Ornament

Let your kids have fun outside collecting twigs to create one of an ornament. Have a bunch of twigs, make them into beautiful snowflakes shape and decorate your wall with many of these.

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Popsicle Stick Sleds

Decorate the place by making it look real Christmas scene. Collect Popsicle sticks, combine them to form a sled. Paint it, decorate it and make a beautiful one to place it right beside the Christmas Tree.

Ornaments out of Birdseed

The easiest one to make. Grab some bird seed and combine it with glue, some rope and a beautiful shape to hang it outside your door to welcome your friends and family at Christmas. Or you can even ask your kids, to go outdoor and hang these on the trees you have in your garden to make your neighbors envy you with such skills.

Reuse Sweaters to create Ornaments

Thinking to throw your old woolen sweaters? Well, Christmas is here and you have the best opportunity to reuse it to make cool ornaments out of it. Just grab a pair of scissors and sit down with a cup of tea. Make different things like – tree, deer or cookies out of the sweaters and hang it on the wall to have the feel of Christmas even more strong.

Yarn Stars

Get a roll of yarn and create as many as what ever you want to. As yarn is as flexible as your imagination – you can have several things to make out of it. Stars, hearts, deer, diamonds, candies and what not. Just shape it as you want and you have it right there.

Yarn Hats

Teach your kids to make yarn hats and hang it around in their bedroom. Make them hold a scissor and yarn. Let them enjoy contributing to the decoration whilst you get your other chores done.

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Pinecone Ornaments

Pinecones are cheap and easy to find. Be creative when you get hold of pinecone, because there are several of stuff you can make out of it. This is going to make your decoration even more cute and adorable – your kids are going to name you Super Mom.

Hot Air Balloon Ornaments

Every kid is a fan of the movie ‘Up’, that had the air balloon. Make your kids witness your talents of creating one by yourself. Blow up a balloon and décor it with glitter and markers. Tie a little basket made out of old plastic bottle or a box. And there you are, with a hot air balloon for your kids to adore.

Matchstick Ornaments

Use your matchbox and create amazing ornaments out of it. Use a cardboard as the base for your object and create as many and as beautiful ornaments – like stars, hearts, little houses and what not. Just be creative and you’ll have a bunch of ideas.

Broken CD Ornaments

Thinking to throw the broken CDs in trash? Well, don’t even think to. Because this can turn into one of a gorgeous ornament. Break it more into tiny pieces and add glitter to it and hang it all around the place.

List Ornaments

Hang up the ornament as a list rolled up to it. Make a pen hang to it so that your kids can write up the gifts they wish for and you can fulfill their wish as being the secret Santa. Make them wait desperately for their wishes to come true.

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Hope you like this article. Keep sharing and make others day special with these gifts.

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