Have a little fun with tiger prints. But how?

tiger prints

Tiger prints are an absolute classic which will never go out of style – a timeless classic, you may say.

Although it may seem like they go along with everything, it is important to pair them up with the right clothes to get an elegant and sexy look. And before you panic, don’t worry, it is not that hard. We will give you tips in this article on how and what you can pair up your sexy tiger printed outfits so that you blow everyone away.

Tiger pants, scarves, shirts, shoes – we will guide you through it all.

  1. Tigerpants

If you have tiger pants in your wardrobe, I will applaud you for it.

Tiger pants are one piece of clothing that will surely turn heads and open mouths everywhere you go wearing it. The sexy touch you achieve from these pants is something you can’t achieve from anywhere else. Change my mind.

Let’s help you in pairingit up to make the outfit even better.

  • A plain white shirt

A plain white T-shirt with a sexy tiger pant – a dream come true.

Since the tiger pants are already doing their part, making you look stunning, throwing on a white shirt will make sure you don’t go over the top, but just enough to make the right outfit.

You will be looking sexy without looking extra.

It is perfect for any event, honestly. A party, casual hangout with friends, or, if I may say, even a date – this outfit will look gorgeous.
Tuck in or let the shirt stay out, and both will look super-duper hot.

  • Throw over a red leather jacket

Leather jackets are not just jackets; they are a blessing. Leather jackets are versatile and can be worn with anything, ESPECIALLY tiger prints.

And a leather jacket in red? Yes, please.
Get your white shirt (or any color, it’s up to you), throw over a red leather jacket and put on your leather pants, and you are good to go. Just thinking about a leather jacket and tiger printed pants makes me go crazy –imagine how incredible it will look.

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If you don’t have a red leather jacket, you don’t have to worry. You can easily find one online. My experience: you can findcool leather jackets with fantastic quality.

  • A cute denim jacket on top

White shirt + tiger printed pant + blue denim jacket = the perfect outfit no matter where you want to go. You can put on a pair of heel and grab a cute bag.
This outfit will make you look cute plus sexy – all in one.

Other than these, you can really pair your tiger pant with any other shirt and make a statement.

  1. Short tiger skirt

Skirts are a-dor-able, don’t you agree?
If you want to feel cute any day, a cute little skirt will be your hero. You can put it on, pair it up with anything,and ta-da.
Let’s look at what you can pair up with them:

  • A full-sleeved fitted white shirt

Yes, I know you must be thinking I keep advising you to pair everything up with a plain white shirt, but trust me, it will look great. Plus, the tiger print is already doing its job lifting the whole outfit up, so a plain shirt with it will do the work of balancing your outfit. After all, balance is critical.
You can wear black or brown boots with it and put on a few accessories (lots of necklaces) to give your outfit an instant upgrade.

  • A sweatshirt of any color

No, a shirt isn’t the only thing you can pair up with a tiger skirt. Yes, sweatshirts are comfortable, and you should be jumping up and down that you can pair it up with them too.
Prefer going for a light brownish sweatshirt (or a sweater), and you will lookchic.

  1. Tiger print shirts

We talked about tiger pants and skirts;we inevitably talk about tiger printed shirts. So you probably saw that coming.
Searching for a good shirt can be exhausting, but once again, this is where the tiger print comes in to save the day. A shirt with tiger print is something you just can’t look away from – you have to buy it.
Now, how can you have a little fun with it?

  • Your everyday jean

The jeans you wear every day can come in pretty handy with a tiger shirt. You don’t want to do too much, and so a pair of jeans – blue or black or white – will be perfect.Pencil skirt

While you pull off a tiger shirt, put on a black pencil skirt to get the exact feeling of a fashionista. Don’t forget to wear a pair of black sexy heels and you will leave everyone with heart eyes.

  1. Tiger print coat
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Looking to add spice to your simple outfit? Put on your tiger coat, and you are done.
The cherry on top: It can look great in your office too. You will be in the office, making a fashion statement while working your fingers to the bone.
Confident plus sexy.

If you are wearing a plain white shirt with jeans or a black shirt with red pants, and you aren’t feeling the look, you can just throw on the tiger coat, and you will be satisfied – trust me.

  1. Tiger print blouse

Blouses are just so cute, aren’t they?

Now think of a tiger blouse and imagine how adorable they look.
If you have one, I understand your struggle to pair it up with something.Don’t worry, andI got you. Here’s what you can pair it up with:

  • A blue pair of jeans
  • A cute little skirt
  • A cute long skirt

You just need the perfect color for each of them, and you are ready to roll.

  1. Full tiger? Full tiger.

The most important thing when pairing with tiger printed clothes is to balance the outfit. But if you want to go all tiger, who’s to stop you?
Yes, balancing is necessary, but going all tiger can never go wrong.
Now, what can you wear if you want to go,a full tiger?

  • A tiger dress: to make it look even cuter, you can add a belt in the middle of the dress.
  • A tiger romper
  • Tiger shirt with tiger pants: you can even put on tiger shoes if you are daring enough (wink)
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Other than these, multiple types of dresses are not full tiger printed but come indifferent styles, and they look extraordinary. Don’t believe us? Go check it out yourself.

  1. Tiger print bags/clutches

Similar to tiger coats, tiger bags and clutches are another way of spicing up your outfit. If you think you look bare, you need tiger bags. They are the perfect accessory.

  1. Tiger printscarves

Scarves, especially in winters, are a lovely piece of clothing that you can wear. And you may have seen this quite often; people are wearing a simple outfit with a tiger scarf. And I am sure you love the look.
So why not go for the look yourself? Look simple yet elegant just with the help of a tiger scarf – so convenient, right?

  1. Tiger print shoes

Shoes really make and break your outfit. Your whole outfit can be elevated just with the help of the right pair of shoes. Let me rephrase that: with tiger shoes. Yes, I am calling tiger shoes the right pair of shoes.

Tiger heels, tiger boots, tiger pumps, tiger sneakers –they will all boost up your outfit by 100x.

And let me just say: heels are a magnificent item, and they are guaranteed to make you not only look but feel ten times better. And if you think of tiger heels…well, you already know how hot that would look.

That’s all.

Tiger prints are a phenomenal print. But, as we mentioned before, it can be tricky to get the right outfit to pair with it.
I hope this article helped you out. I can safely say you are ready to experiment around with the tiger print now that you have our advice. You may go and explore now.
Thanks for tuning in.

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