Health Benefits Of Banana Peels

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Did the title catch you by surprise? You have read about the health benefits of banana, but may be never about banana peels. The main reason, you eat only the fruit (interior) and throw off the exterior cover. The health benefits of banana peels prove a point. All the parts of a plant do have medicinal benefits.

Health Benefits Of Banana Peels

Bananas, in various types are a favorite food all over the world. Compared to the other fruits, it has a slight different peel. The banana fruit gives many benefits, but the peels are also found to be useful. Can you imagine, that banana peels (12 billion) make their way to the trash can?

So, the next time you eat the banana fruit, think twice before throwing the peel into the dustbin. There are so many health benefits in the banana peels. There are some Asian tribes which eat banana peels, and some use them in the form of fried recipes. Agreed, they do not have the sweetness as the flesh. But yes, they contain abundant amount of nutrients such as potassium. The peels contain more fiber and promote constipation.

The skin of a banana turns black. So, the starches have completely changed to fructose, glucose and fructose. They also contain the component called as tryptophan. It has the ability to enhance the levels of serotonin in the body to boost the positive moods.

The banana peels also contain lutein. It is an antioxidant which prevents the free radicals from causing damage to the eyes. It can also reduce macular degeneration and the risk of cataracts.

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How Can You Make The Best Use Of Banana Peels?

  1. White Teeth

White Teeth

Every day in a week, make it a habit to rub the peels on your teeth for two minutes. The result will be bright white teeth. Now, you do not have to go to the dentist for clear teeth.

  1. Warts

The banana peel can remove warts. It can also end the spread and formation of new warts. You can rub on the affected area the peels. Or you can tie the peel overnight. These are some of the simplest ways to use banana peels on the skin.

  1. Pimples


You can reduce pimples and acne. Are you a teenager? Rub on the face the banana peels for five minutes for a week. You should apply on the peels till the cure happens.

  1. Wrinkles

banana peels help reduce wrinkles

You can make use of banana peels to keep the skin hydrated. You can add an egg yolk to the mashed banana peel. Apply the mixture on the face. After five minutes, wash with cold water.

The wrinkles will disappear in due course of time.

  1. Eye Health

Eye Health

Do you work as a software engineer? Or do you have to work on computers for more than eight hours a day? Then the eyes will need rest. There are various methods to give relaxation to the eyes such as placing cucumber on the eye lids. Yet, you can also keep the banana peels over the eyes to give a bright fresh look.


Agreed, this is the era of mobiles and apps. But it is also the era of recycling. Making useful items, products from waste is the recent trend in present times. Not to mention the most innovative ways to prepare recipes from food waste. How can you forget about chicken wings? They were worthless items in the past, but now the business is worth billions.

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