Understanding the Demands for High Quality Hidden Gun Holsters

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With a number of states pushing for open carry laws or passing them, expanding the local rights of gun owners, the need to have reliable gun holsters and protective carrying equipment increases. Gun owners, particularly handgun types, need to have appropriate holster accessories that provide a combination of adequate carry capability, physical protection, secure holding and flexibility. Simply going with a second-hand quality choice can be a big mistake, even for a hidden gun holster, especially if the given holster doesn’t match the choice of a firearm very well.

Urban Demands Make for Urban Designs

As many gun owners know, the urban demands for handgun carry are very different than those in the hunting world. This is why a variety of quality choices are necessary and should be provided. There is no one-size-fits-all in holster design today. The differences between a Glock versus a Smith & Wesson versus Ruger create different mechanical aspects that need to be addressed for a safe and comfortable holster fit, especially when used in fieldwork. The last thing anyone wants to be dealing with is a holster that makes it hard to remove a firearm or creates the risk for mistakes to happen.

Experience in Product Design Matters

Ideally, one of the best approaches to take involves working with a holster supplier who has a solid understanding of modern hidden or open carry demands, a depth and experience in various firearms and what is needed to transport them on the person safely and effectively, and an understanding of what is expected by various gun laws on the books today. This avoids a lot of the problems that can occur working with a lower quality supplier who is simply making holsters off a less-than-accurate design or is deconstructing a design based on the most popular firearms on the market.

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Problems to Avoid

A hidden gun holster shouldn’t be a pain or problem to use. It should not be inconvenient to wear, it should not have an uncomfortable fit, and it should not be bulking out or hard to conceal when one needs to carry a concealed permitted firearm. The last thing anyone should have to deal with is looking like Igor with a firearm lump sticking out from underneath a coat or shirt. The holster should be ergonomic and consistent with the human body shape for functionality and performance, including secure holstering and easy withdrawal. Again, lower quality holsters don’t meet these demands, and buyers often find out the hard way when stuck with them after a purchase. Don’t waste your money; put your investment in high-quality holsters designed for your specific firearm and operational needs.

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