Historical Investment Opportunities People Missed Out On

The saying that hindsight is 20/20 is entirely accurate, and there have been many occasions throughout history where people missed out on the next big thing. If you feel that you have missed the boat when it comes to investing, below are some of the biggest mistakes made, that made people regret them with hindsight. 

The Beatles

The Beatles are a band that is still known throughout the world, and when they were starting their journey to stardom, Decca Records were the most prominent music label around. The Beatles famously auditioned for Decca Records on New Year’s Day in 1962, but the music label went on to choose Brian Poole and the Tremeloes over them, a decision they would soon regret.

A Surprise When You Buy A House

There have been times when valuable things are left in homes when people moved, and this happened in Roanne, France, when a couple found gold bars buried in the ground. The couple had been in the house for seven years before making the find, and they initially found six gold bars in 2009 and another further 22 in 2013. However, they declared the discovery, and there was a lot of publicity, and the previous owners of the house came back to claim their property. If, for example, you purchase Adelaide gold bullion from City Gold Bullion, make sure that when you move home, you take it with you and do not leave it buried in the garden.

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One Of The First Bitcoin Transactions

One of the first times that Bitcoin was used for a transaction was back in May of 2010 when Laszlo Hanyecz offered 10,000 Bitcoins for someone to deliver him a couple of pizzas. The pizzas were duly delivered, and the sum of 10000.99 Bitcoins was paid, which would be worth over a whopping $200 million at the current value today.

Selling Your Shares

The co-founder of Apple, one of the biggest companies in the world, famously sold his 10% stake of the company in 1976. He sold it for $800, and the company would go on to become of the most successful in the world. Had Ron Wayne known that the company would go on to become valued at trillions of dollars, he may not have been so keen to sell his shares. When Ron was interviewed in 2017, he said that it is a decision that he does not regret, even with the value of the company skyrocketing during the 1990s and early 2000s.

The Digital Camera

Back in 1975, an employee at Kodak, who was one of the most prominent cameras and film manufacturers in the world, one of their engineers came up with the first digital camera concept. He took his idea to his bosses, and they were not delighted at the prospect, they suppressed the technology as they saw the new technology as a threat to their business model of that day. They did receive a patent for the design made by engineer Steven Sasson in 1978, but never pursued it. Fast forward to January 2012, and Kodak was filing for bankruptcy protection in the USA with it taking them a year to come out the other side. Kodak are still in business today, although their areas of business have changed, but you cannot help but wonder what would have happened if they released their technology when they invented it.

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