Home Redesigning: Is it a Go or a No?

Home Redesigning

Have you just bought or started renting a unit in One Serendra? Though we can say that everything’s perfectly fine and well, you may have that lingering thought of exploring new or different design for your new home. Given that idea, should you entertain that or not, maybe not yet?

Before you go with repainting your unit, rearranging your furniture and other stuff, take a pause and assess if it is a go or a no. An easy task as this may seem but this can be a useful exercise on our level of self-awareness.

Home Redesigning

Start with observation

Standing in front of your living room or wherever you can get a better glimpse of your unit in One Serendra or your house in a subdivision or whatnot, what are you thinking? What are your observations of your place?

It is better to start by observing your surroundings before you go with anything in your mind. Take note of the right things, the not so beautiful and areas for improvement. Maybe you really don’t need to redesign or do any significant changes with your home, just general cleaning. So observe first, go around the area, appreciate what is and discern what could still be improved.

How do you feel?

Aside from taking note of your observations on the physical aspect of your place, also assess your feelings about your home. Ask yourself, “How do I feel with living in this house?” Do you feel comfortable? Agitated? Relaxed? Or do you feel like you need to do something but you just can’t articulate your thoughts and feelings?

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Being aware of how you feel and determining or making sense of your feelings is a good practice on self-awareness. Redesigning for others may always be a go, but really, you have to have a basis for your actions. Before you start acting on an idea, think or assess, and feel and reflect. Yes, you should do that even just with the thought of redesigning your home.

Are you ready for it?

Before you start with the actual redesigning or renovating, you have to pause for a while and ask yourself if you are ready for it. Are you prepared for the change that is about to happen?

Readiness that we are pertaining to is not just about the physical change. Of course, that is one. Would you be able to handle the differences? Will it affect any functions of your house compared to before? You have to ponder upon the possible effects of your redesigning or renovating. It is not just about the aesthetic appearance, but it also has something to do with its purposefulness.

Aside from the above mentioned, you also have to take into account if you are prepared with the budget concerns. Let’s face it. Redesigning and renovating is not cheap! Sometimes it is as expensive as how much you spent on your first design. It will be helpful if you have a budget in mind that you know you can afford to work around. Don’t overspend if you know you don’t have enough money and if it’s not urgent and vital in the first place.

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Have a design in mind

It would be more useful if you have a design in mind, to begin with. You might wonder why this is necessary to think about if you are, in the first place, considering whether you should push through with the redesigning.  But you can look at it the other way around:

If you already have a design in mind or you basically know what to do with your place, you can quickly decide if you should go for it or not. You know if your budget can afford it if it would be useful for you or not, et cetera. And if during the process of thinking things through you realized that you can go for it, then you probably would. Or maybe you feel right about it, and you can adjust some factors that may hinder you to push through with your plan, then it’s probably a go. Others may find it easier to decide if they have an idea in mind because they can assess if it’s worth a try or not.

Do these simple notes help you whether your plan of house redesigning, redecorating or renovating is a go or a no? Let us help each other out by giving more thoughts about this matter!

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