How data can be utilized and prevented when hard drive failed

Have you ever experienced your system is not performing and the data stored in it has ruined or lost? If this situation occurs its mean either you have primary memory i.e. RAM no more working, or Secondary main memory i.e. hard drive failed. What will be the remedy if you stuck in this problem?

The first thing is to get the new hard drive, then think various methods to recover your data from the failed hard drive. This is the very awful situation! It can be seen on the web that most of the users ask similar things on various forums. Majority domestic users don’t make their backup for data and when their data is lost by any means they become helpless.

How data can be utilized and prevented when hard drive failed

They usually apply old and ineffective techniques of data recovery which are not helping. If you want real hard drive recovery you do not reboot your system and don’t be panic. For an effective hard drive recovery, there are many useful free data recovery software, but every software cannot perform full and useful data recovery. Every software is designed to perform the specific type of recovery so make sure the free data recovery software you have chosen is designed for it. When you cannot even recover your data by free softwares then it is recommended to use the paid features of this software and can contact to professional data recovery expert to retrieve your useful data.


There are certain consequences of hard drive failure such as:

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• Physical defacement of magnetic plates.

• Loss of magnetism of platers.

• Logical failure due to malware or virus attack

• Overwriting of bits.

• Internal mechanical parts damage.


Physical damage does not appear instantly, it starts slightly having some anonymous noise and burning smell of small components. This happens usually due to power issue or by making an error during hard drive booting. At this moment you should directly close the system and its processes to prevent any major problem.

Logically hard drive damages by the bad sectors created by malicious software and data stored in it as well as by running mines (Cryptocurrency generator) and heavy programs that may ruin your hard drives.


The paramount prevention is to stop using the system and inspect the main reasons for hard drive issue. If you find the logical problem in it try to copy your available data into other storage media. If you have lost your data, as recommended above try to recover it by means of free data recovery software, then by paying one and finally contact with hard drive recovery expert.

In case of physical damage, repairing of components may useful to achieve your hard drive but there is the chance of data loss. But still there are some sectors of data left on the magnetic drum of the hard drive and by integrating these sectors your data can be brought back. This can only be achieved by consulting with a professional otherwise it’s a loss of data and money.

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