How Google Spreadsheet Add-ons and MS Excel Plugin can Enhance Your Business Campaign through Bulk SMS

send SMS from Google spreadsheet

The primary objective of the marketing strategy is to meet the consumer satisfaction with their expectation. And consumer expectation is generally meant for their needs and wants which are generated by the underlying force driven by their preconceived idea of products and services available in the market. The marketing strategy focuses on the factors influencing the purchase decision of the consumer. Here lies the necessity of a continuous attachment with the customers to know the behavioral pattern of their purchase. So a continuous interaction with the customers is a must in today’s business environment. So far continuous interaction with the customer is a priority, bulk SMS is the best option to connect your clientele because it is observed that on an average, customers open the SMS within 3 minutes and read it.

 send SMS from Google spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheet Add-ons

You can send SMS from Google spreadsheet using add-on tool to all your customers choosing the type of SMS that may be promotional or transactional. The advantages of using a Google spreadsheet are:

The Advantages of Sending SMS through Spreadsheet

  • The Google spreadsheet is a free online tool and can easily be formatted according to need to record the customers’ information and survey report on your products or services.
  • To use Google spreadsheet you need a Google account and to access the same you need a Gmail, Google Drive, or YouTube.
  • The interface is What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get and a handy drag and drop option helps to organize the events.
  • The form stores the feedback which used to analyze the data in detail.
  • The forms are also integrated with the spreadsheet and can be easily accessed to collect the data.
  • The design level is flexible and you can choose colors from the palettes.
  • The presentation of forms or surveys enables you to access the recipient’s email address and limit the response.
  • For an advanced user customization like the insertion of data into a specific field can be made using a regular expression.
  • You can send the Google Form through email or send the link via social.
  • Using this tool you can gather uncountable questions and answer at no additional cost.
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MS Excel Plugin

You can send SMS from MS Excel plugin. SMS excel plugin open source can be easily integrated with MS Excel and different messages to different mobile numbers can be sent at one instance. The excel plugin saves the user’s time and sends bulk SMS. For instance, a school may send bulk SMS to the parents of their students stating the name of the student and marks obtained in each subject.

The Advantages of Sending SMS through Excel Plugin

  • Without logging in to any website you can easily send SMS directly from the excel sheet.
  • You can direct personalized bulk different SMS to the different recipients at a time.
  • You can schedule for sending different SMS on a future date and time.
  • You can manage and handle the SMS campaign with great ease.

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