How is Reliance Jio revolutionize 4G networks in India

How is Reliance Jio revolutionize 4G networks in India

Let’s start with the article with a question that says Why Jio will revolutionize Indian Internet market?

Well, there are quite a lot of reasons why Jio is going to revolutionize Indian telecom market. As it is the largest digitization Initiative that India has experienced. The company has made 70% of the population their customer from the first day of launch. Also, it has turned out to be the largest startup in the world.  The company did launch quite a lot of service. That includes the 4G internet, Fiber optic network and so on. Also, the services are priced at an extremely affordable price.

The company stared their business by only offering 4G network and its 4G mobile phones. Also, the company offered those 4Gservices free of cost and at a cheap price. Also by offering free of cost service the company managed to get more than half of the population of India as a customer of themselves. This even made the company the largest 4G network in India.

This just did not help Jio to get more customers. At the same time, it helped the company to create a name for itself. Also on the go, the company did give a tough competition to the other telecom players in the market. Hence, as a result, we have seen plans form 1Gb per month to 1GB a day.

The company also have invested over 150,000 crores into this project.

The company also invested in Fiber optic network in India to offer broadband connection. According to some reports Reliance Jio has laid more than 250,000+ KMs of high quality fibre optic cable. Also along with the cable they have installed more than 90,000 eco-friendly 4G towers. Also in order to make the 5G upgrade an easy process, Reliance jio already have made their entire fibre optic network 5G supported. Hence whenever India gets 5G Reliance Jio would be the first company to offer the service.

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Furthermore, the company owns two international submarine cable landing stations. One of them is the Bay of Bengal Gateway and the other one is the Asia Africa Europe One submarine cable. Talking about the Bay of Bengal Gateway, well it is an 8000KM long submarine fibre optic cable network and it connects between Malaysia and Singapore to Chennai.

The Asia Africa Europe One submarine cable system is a 20000KM long cable. This system connects Europe to Mumbai. Also, this cable offers an internet speed of 32 to 40 terabit per second. Where the Airtel’s cable has an internet speed of 3.84 Gbps.

Overall, it was widely expected that the Reliance Jio would dominate the Indian telecom industry. As the company created a big revolution In India. By offering high speed data as a free offer the company decreased the sales of data plans of other companies.

Also as a developing country like India, it was a game changing move. Back in the days, a telecom company used to charge between Rs.250 to Rs. 350 for a 1GB of data. In addition to that, the customer had to pay extra for calling and SMS. But Reliance jio made all of the services a single package and offered to the customers. Hence it becomes a cost effective option for the customers.

In the end, we can say that Reliance Jio did revolutionize 4G networks in India. The company is not just dominating the current market of the telecom industry, but the company is preparing for the future as well. Where other companies still figuring out how to get more sales, the reliance jio is all about offering high end offers at an affordable price. Hence, as a result, the company successfully revolutionized the 4G market in India.

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