How to become a photojournalist

How to become a photojournalist

Photojournalism is an exciting yet challenging profession. This job demands both skill and zeal.  Being able to tell an entire story just with the help of a photograph is not an easy thing to do. And on the top of that, they have to battle through secluded communities, war zones, and politics.

How to become a photojournalist

A photojournalist should have the ability to capture the pictures that justify the article. Sometimes they are also responsible for developing and editing the photographs and prepare them for publication. Some may work as freelancers and few are hired by magazine and newspaper. Below I have listed what you should do to become a photojournalist:

Education: Lots of news publications seek a degree in journalism along with formal training. So the one willing to be photojournalists can study bachelor’s degree in photojournalism. The program provides you with knowledge about the theory and history of photojournalism. You will study subjects such as electronic photojournalism, news design, visual communication, magazine design, visual editing, picture story and news reporting. In some schools, you will have the option to choose photography as a major and journalism as minor. You may get to learn to use the editing software programs.

Apart from bachelor’s degree, there are few courses you can pursue to excel in photography. These courses are The Photographer and Photoshop, Digital Imaging Photography, Legal Issue in Photography, Editorial Photography and Website Design for Photographer.

Internship:  Join internship program after completing your bachelor’s degree. As an intern, you might not get an opportunity to perform the work of a photojournalist but you will get to learn about the industry. You might get chances to accompany the celebrated photojournalist in the field.

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Create a Portfolio: Before hunting for a job, build a portfolio compiling your best work. You may use the pictures you clicked on your school assignments. Potential employers would like to see your work before hiring you.

Publish Your Photographs: Publish your portraits on your personal website. Keep in touch with the school newspaper, the local newspaper, and community newspapers and show them your photographs. If you click pictures in the local events, offer them to publish your portrait.

Purchase Quality Equipment: Qualitative digital camera, photo editing software and a computer are a minimum requirement. If you think the new camera is too expensive you can go for second-hand gears.

Refine Your Photography Skills Continuously: You have to enhance your skill of editing and publishing your photographs online along with snapping pictures. Learn to write headlines, captions, write copy.

Create Networks: Volunteer to take pictures for the college website, yearbook, and newsletter, while you are in college. Contact local broadcasters and new anchor to ask if they have any job for you.

Don’t Give Up: Finding job in this field is not easy. You are going to be rejected multiple times. Don’t lose hope and keep patience. Don’t be discouraged. If you are good enough, you will definitely find a work. However, don’t forget to create a strong portfolio and keep updating it.

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