How to Buy Medicine Safely from an Online Pharmacy?

Ever tempted with huge discounts on medicines sold on an online pharmacy? In a survey, users preferred to order medicine online because it’s convenient and a way cheaper than the local chemist’s discount offers.

While some ordered medicines and other utility products at the doorstep, others still believe taking them from the local vendors or trusted stores nearby. In the current scenario where buying medicines are as easy as online shopping, it isn’t a big deal getting your utility home delivered. But the matter of concern lies in knowing if it is really safe to buy the medications online.

order medicines online

Buying medicines online is absolutely safe if the pharmacy is licensed. The best part of ordering medicines from an online pharmacy is that it’s needless to compare prices and product quality, you need to simply order medicines online presenting your doctor certified prescription. In case of doubt, keep a check on the following points-

  • The pharmacy shouldn’t deliver medicines without a prescription
  • The medicines provided shouldn’t be expired
  • The pharmacy should be having a pharmacist of a qualified medical practitioner to verify
  • Medicine purchase shouldn’t be completed without a prescription verification
  • They must have a secure payment gateway
  • They should be offering genuine wellness products (if any listed)
  • It should be having substitute medications in case a customer needs generic medications

Signs of a fake online pharmacy

Do not forget that some online pharmacies may not sell genuine products, check if the pharmacy you’re choosing falls under the following criteria-

  • Allow you to order medications without a valid prescription
  • Isn’t licensed
  • Send emails offering huge discounts on the branded medications
  • Are located outside the country or mentioned state
  • Send unsealed boxes of medications
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Keep a clear note that these medications, if consumed can be too dangerous and have adverse effects on health. Do not consider them for use and raise a complaint against the online pharmacy offering false drugs or habit-forming drugs online.

On the counterpart, if a pharmacy falls under safe guidelines, there are be various benefits of purchasing medicines and wellness products from the same. Mentioned below are some-

  • Greater convenience
  • Time-saving
  • Huge discounts on monthly medications
  • Offers on first time order
  • Regular customer centric deals to order genuine products
  • Guaranteed quality product delivery
  • 24/7 helpline numbers
  • Beneficial for senior citizens
  • Mobile applications with pill reminder options
  • Monthly stock options for convenience and quick services

What are the regulatory guidelines for E-Pharmacy?

As per the Code of Conduct complying with existing Drug and Cosmetic Act, the following guidelines are laid for online pharmacies or e-pharmacies. –

  • The e-pharmacies will only process scheduled medicines (Schedule H, H1) against a valid physical or scanned copy of the prescription. They will not process schedule X and other habit-forming medicines.
  • The e-pharmacies will only dispense medicines through licensed pharmacies and will deliver medicines “safely and with appropriate instructions”, according to the code.

Dangers of consuming rouge drugs

Fake medications are generally sold on the non-licensed pharmacies which are unapproved drugs that are counterfeit or poorly made, according to a recent report, medications sold through those websites have been found to contain too much or too little of a drug’s active ingredient, while in some cases, a different drug entirely.

Drugs relating to these are often found containing dangerous containments, including toxic materials. Ordering them can put you in a financial and health risk. Moreover, it is absolutely illegal and needs an immediately raised complaint about this.

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Always consider your action as this may affect adversely to you and your family’s health. Choose the best, stay safe and active.

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