How To Choose A Chainsaw According To Your Needs


Purchasing a chainsaw can be a difficult task especially if you do not have an understanding of the specifications and features to look for in a chainsaw. The market is full of all the different kinds of chainsaw brands selling different types of chainsaws which adds to the confusion.

There are numerous companies who are offering a large variety of chainsaws and its parts. However, you need to have the basic knowledge of the different types of chainsaws and its components before you make a purchase.

One Size Does Not Fit All Your Needs

You need different sizes of tools to carry out different tasks. Similar is the case with chainsaws. You need to consider how you will be using the chainsaw and for what purpose are you buying it. For example, if you intend to cut large, thick branches of a tree, then you might require a powerful chainsaw to carry out the task. However, if you require a chainsaw that is meant to cut small sticks, you can choose to buy a less powerful model of the chainsaw.

As said above there are many renowned hardware companies like victus, farmer Tec chainsaw kit, Remington, etc. who are manufacturing different types of chainsaws that you can use for your benefit. However, before you proceed to make a purchase, let’s discuss a little about these types.

Gas Powered Chainsaw

Gas powered chainsaw are manufactured to carry out powerful tasks. It is perhaps the most popular type of chainsaws in the industry. A gas chainsaw consists of two-cycle engine also known as a 2-stroke engine to supply power to the chainsaw. It works on a mixture of gasoline and oil to provide it with fuel and lubricant. You need to keep a proper ratio of both gas and oil. You can check the owners Manuel for proper instructions. Many companies like farmer Tec offers farmer Tec chainsaw kit with guidelines that can help you in keeping the exact balance.

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Corded Electric Chainsaw

Corded electric chainsaws are smaller types of chainsaws powered by electricity. Since they do not have to use fuel or gas, they have no engine to run the machine. However, they need a power source to plug in the power cord in order for it to run. The maximum length of the wire is a hundred feet because having a longer cord may vary the power used to run the chainsaw.

Battery Powered Chainsaw

Battery powered chainsaw use lithium-ion batteries to power the chainsaw. They are light in weight which makes it easier for the user to access the chainsaw. This type of chainsaw eliminates the drawbacks of the gas and corded chainsaws. However, the batteries need to be charged which delimits the amount of work that can be done in a single session. Battery chainsaw is the best type of chainsaw that can be used to maintain a house garden.

Manual Chainsaw

Manuel chainsaws do not require fuel or electric power to run. They are usually used to cut down trees and are much less noisy. It requires extra effort to use a manual chainsaw and can be exhausting to use one.

Pole Saw

This refers to the small saw attached to a long pole used for trimming woods and tree limbs.

Hundreds of chainsaw manufacturing companies specialize in manufacturing chainsaws also manufacture chainsaw spare parts and other hardware tools that you must know before buying any type of chainsaw.


Chainsaws are one of the widely sold machines among all the other hardware machinery. However, buying a chainsaw is not a simple task. Factors like cost, safety, usage,and maintenance must be considered before making any purchase decisions.

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