How to choose a good real estate domain name

How to choose a good real estate domain name

Millions of businesses, big or small are on the internet today.  It is easy to disappear, without making it big. What plays a crucial role is choosing an appropriate domain name for your brand/business.

If you have chosen to get into the real estate business, and have made rough plans already, one thing you need to work on first is the domain name. Many people take this lightly and what happens next? People just forget that some name even existed. In order to make place in the minds of the audience a unique and attractive name is most important.

How to choose a good real estate domain name

If you have noticed the big internet giants like Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, twitter all have few characters in their names, which are easy to remember as well. Limiting the domain name from 6-14 characters is an ideal choice.  In the real estate world one thing to remember while choosing a domain name is that it should be relevant to your business and the word “real estates” and your “area name” ought to be a part of it.

When it comes to choosing a domain name for your website the following points should be kept in mind:

  1. Keep it short– The first step in choosing a good domain name is to keep it short. I’m sure you don’t want potential clients to misspell your name and land at a wrong website or at a competitor’s site. Moreover, short names are easy to remember or have no scope of any error. So keep it short and simple!
  2. Relatable to your business- Having a domain name that relates to your business makes it more appealing and gives idea about your work to the potential customers. Say, if you deal with apartments near Marathahalli, you could very well keep a name like and so on.
  3. Make it easy to pronounce-It is a misconception that keeping tougher or misspelled domain names make it sound attractive and stuff like that. The fact is that, easier the domain name, more chances of it being promoted easily by word of mouth. Won’t it be a booster for your real estatebusiness? A misspelled domain name may confuse the audience and this way there will be less traffic directed at your website.
  4. Try for new Domain Extensions- At times, it is beneficial to opt for other domain name extensions. Like if your audience is a particular country (say India), selecting domain extensions .in can be a good step forward. Some other extensions that sound interesting and different are-
  • .realestate
  • .realtor
  • .land
  • .builders
  • .apartments and so on. If you are a real estate business realtor for apartments in haralur road an exciting name could be something Getting a bit creative with domain names without making it complex can work wonders and leave a good mark behind.
  1. Check Social Media availability- Social Media platforms are the best places to spread awareness about the existence of any business and spread the word. While choosing a good domain name is the most important aspect, social media can help at directing some traffic to your site as well. Make sure to check the availability of the social media accounts you are planning to use.
  2. If the first name is unavailable, try a phrase– You finally settle on a domain name, but unfortunately it seems to be unavailable. What do you do next? Do not panic or dishearten. You can always turn the name into a phrase and then try. For example, if “” is taken you can try something like “”. It will sound like a cleverer brand name than just a usual domain name.
  • You can also try expired domains names on GoDaddy Auctions, ExpiredDomains. Net, FreshDrop and DomCop. These will contain domain names that were not renewed by the owner. However, make sure to find out these didn’t relate to illegal, offending or spammy activities and business.
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To conclude the article, coming up with simple, easy yet unique domain name can be a challenge. More than making your domain name different and stuff like that, it is important to pay attention to keep it simple, short and easy to memorize.  Always remember, that your domain name represents your business. So act wise while you finalise a domain name.  Also keep in mind the above tricks and tips while you choose a domain for your business.

Good luck!

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